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Week fifteen features

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 21, 2011, 8:55 AM

This weeks feature will be dedicated to :iconfreepoetsociety: all the artist will be those that are members of the group, some of the pieces may be those that have been submitted to the group but that's not really the point.

If you'd like to join a great poetry group, go ahead and check out FreePoetSociety



My Thoughts Tend To ScatterHalf-eaten memories
Bore a hole through my skull
Caving in my thoughts
Driving me up the wall
Killing the moment
Which never really lasts
Turning my thoughts into a half-shaken Etch-A-Sketch
Leaving smudges on the glass
Reminding me of things once forgotten
And in many ways, forgotten they remain
It's like termites of the mind
Driving me insane
I try to hold on
Try to remember again
But Time is like a rock
And Your Memory a windowpane
Sometimes it feels like a wrecking ball
Wreaking havoc upon my brain
I'm afraid I'll lose you beneath the rubble
And it's really quite a shame
An Elusive Angel On FairfaxI saw a ghost of you today.
I wanted to catch, to run, to call your name
But you were just too far away
And I didn't know what to say
I love you.
Do you love me too?
Please don't go. Say it ain't so.
'Cuz if it's true
Don't know what I'll do
Sunday's LullabyDon't you worry, don't you run
Don't make me hurry
Through my fun
And if you find
You're petrified
I'll end that too
When I come inside
So don't you worry, don't you fear
I'll have you know
I'm almost here
So please don't hide
Please don't run
I'll have you know
I'm almost done
And if I shed
A single tear
It's only because
You're dead, midear


ValentineRain was our favorite...
each drop had shimmered, little candies dropping from clouds
a sweetness gathering on my tongue.
The wind was cooling the heat on my back,
the heat in my heart...
the burning.
days had passed without making contact
and in that time I had smiled through pain
and allowed anger to engulf me
almost to the point where my love could have become hatred
but I won't let it get that far
I sighed over the many-times prepared breakfasts
remembering the way you liked yours...
arm around me, kissing my neck
and I would close my eyes
seeing the grey sea of your sheets carrying me
I had felt safe.
I didn't know what I felt after each breakfast of now,
but smelling the ozone
and staring at the battered sky,
the candied drops no longer tasted sweet.
I wanted to hate you.
So badly.
But that would be unfair.
I thought back to when I was younger...
other girls used to play with flowers,
picking off petals,
counting on each silk-yellow teardrop
to decide his love.
in four daysIn four days -
just four -
you will be gone from me.
You will go to a place
where I cannot touch you
or kiss you
or see you try to make me smile.
In four days I will feel saddened
and lonely
lonelier than when you were in this country
lonelier than before, when you were not.
I will be furious with myself in four days
for letting myself
be held
and caressed
for kissing and smiling.
Sometimes you'd just stare at my eyes
or at me
Just...drinking me in.
You told me you were trying
to figure out the color of my eyes
but could never find the words
to describe them
and I...
I will be disappointed with myself
for letting my head
get filled with things you said
"I love your scent"
"I can't stop touching you"
"God, you're beautiful"
even though how you mean it
is not meant
to be taken that way
because we are friends,
newly discovered,
trying to quell the loneliness
that would well and spill from our eyes
I can't stop it
and I often
close my eyes so you can't see it-
so you won't think
Smile"Smile, Love"
those words
help me to bring light into my eyes
and the laughter will tumble out of me
bursting up
from within my chest
not warm
it is boiling in my blood
my world is not what it was
the monsters in the dark are still present
and the shadows in the day are long...
but when you speak to me
and tell me to face these terrors
with hope in my heart
and joy on my lips
I am made strong again.




RememberWhen the world was good
When pollution was our drug
And the afterlife was an afterthought
When I could taste you on my skin
Breathe your intoxicating company
And waste away whole afternoons, wasting
When the world was good
When we weren't so very fragile
And when I could hold you in my arms
Your tears warm my soul
Your frozen body lies, annulled 
But still I cast the old
Because I remember. 
Its News to MeIs it safe to say
That dreams about you
Or, without you, rather
Are shining epiphanies in my mind?
When dreams are sunken memories 
That only bring me longing for your touch
What can I say
You stole me away
And now I can think of nothing but you
And still I say
That goes by not a day
When my hands don't wish 
That they were with you
The Way of ThingsFalse hope is the drug of the unwanted
A lift of the spirits
But a one way ticket to a bitter end
How could gentle nothings
Be more harmful than the truth?
And how could sweet, sweet lullabies
Sung by an angel
Crush the soul, and leave nothing to the senses?
Two words
Human Nature





BreatheI watch as the sun fade with my life,
Easily disappearing faster than I can breathe a word.
I watch as the darkness cover over the land known as my heart,
Each beat becoming one with the night,
Night that won't turn into day,
Day that will be buried with my happiness,
Happiness that I no longer can feel.
My endless night has finally begun,
My world is now living in darkness.
MemoryEngaging memories far away,
Has decided to come out and play today.
The black covering that represents their hearts,
Caused the pain to numb my tainted bloody marks.
Memories that are faint and unbelievably cold,
Needs some warm unconditional love to hold.
Sparkling like the light of the sun,
Forgetting these horrible memories has only just begun.
The Inner TruthOnce every full moon around a quarter to three,
I see the person who I want to be.
They are tall, thin, and full of inspiration,
I am sure that I am not full of desperation.
They are everything that I am not,
I try to be better but I believe that I cannot.
They can have that special someone to hold,
I am sad because I could never be that bold.
When the clouds come and wipe away the inner me,
I am back to the person who I don't want to be.
But I close my eyes and pretend I am the other,
A mother, a child, a wife, and a lover.


Every NightEvery night, I wait for you,
But I don't expect you to come.
No matter how many times you say you will,
I'm left waiting,
Alone and numb.
Child SoldierGive her the gun.
Give her the gun,
You tell her it's all right,
You tell her it's fine,
That she has to carry a handgun,
When she's only nine.
She can't go out and play,
Cause she'll get taken away,
Or that's what mommy always says.
Give her the gun.
Give her the gun.
I see her trembling,
White as a ghost,
When you
Give her the gun.
Give her the gun.
Nine year old child soldier,
Snuck out last night,
The gun in her waistband,
Trembling from fight.
Running away.
Running away.
I walk up to her,
She almost screams,
I tell her the world is all right,
Not as bad as it seems,
But she says "stay away,"
"I can kill you right now,"
"I have a gun on my hip,"
"I'll take it out and-"
The little child soldier,
Annie Marie,
Nine year old soldier,
Was killed next to me.
You gave her the gun.
You gave her the gun.
And she had to run,
she just had to run.
A shadow moves across the street,
All in black except your face,
You missed a moving target,
And a child died in my place.
Now I


Childhood faded awayChildhood Faded away,
to a far away land,
simple, so simple were we,
Days of Play,
Going our Way,
Having fun, no care,
for another day,
time for us stood still,
playing king of the hill
Childhood Faded away
thinking of another day,
summer time was fine,
when friends were kind,
swimming holes were filled,
our hearts were thrilled
Childhood Faded Away
to a time that makes me sway
many years have passed away,
since childhood faded to another day,
Childhood Faded to places,
floating somewhere in time.

And I'll have to end it there...
I do must warn some of you about some pieces submitted, read with the knowledge that the group doesn't have 'limits' some poems can get deep... or have strong words. I' tried to share some of the pieces that weren't too bad here.



..franjo II... by roblfc1892 ...pussy... by roblfc1892 ...old man II... by roblfc1892


:thumb205754064: :thumb191854990: :thumb191855764:

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions for next week? People you'd like to shine some light to, or maybe pieces from a group? Or just a suggestion on a theme?
If so, please share.

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