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Does anyone do photography watermark/tags? I'm really wanting to add my name professionally to to my images. 

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Infinite bluebonnet sea,
Oblivious little girl slapdashes through,
A Rattler's fragrant paradise.
I saw earlier that today is Haiku poetry day, so I figured I'd try my hand at writing a Japanese Haiku. April is a paradise of bluebonnets here in texas, but amidst the beauty is something deadly... Rattlers.

I'm rough with Haikus so please comment if I have to fix it. 

|all rights belong to me|

I lean back on the couch and take a gulp from the cold bottle of beer I cling to in my hand. There is some movie playing on the television that I am supposed to be watching with my wife, Chelsea. I have tried to pay attention to the program several times now, but as soon as I think I am about to finally focus my mind jerks back to the battle... a war I left back in Iraq five weeks ago.

“Bowman, did you hear me?”
I jerk my head to the side to look at the beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed woman leaning against me. I flash her an innocent smile. “Sorry baby, my head is in the clouds…. What did you say?”
“I asked you if you are feeling okay.” She gives me that look that says ‘Don’t lie to me Bowman.’ It is an extremely cute look, despite the seriousness in her gaze. She grabs the remote and pauses the movie to turn her full attention on me.

I lean forward and kiss her lips tenderly. “I just can’t get my mind clear.” I look up at the ceiling as I take a drink from my beer. I lean forward on the couch to place the bottle on the coffee table. “I… just can’t get my mind off of…what happened to my platoon,” I answer honestly. I have not told her the whole story, only small fragments. Only enough for her to know I survived and they did not.

She is silent for a couple of moments before she takes my hand within her own. “I will not force you to tell me Bowman. I just want you to know that I am here for you, to listen, even if I can’t relate to what you are going through. I am here.”

I consider her words for a minute, then I lift our hands and kiss her figners. “Are you sure you want to hear about what happened?” When she nods in response to my inqury I exhale a tired sigh. “Alright.” I lean back into the couch once again. One arm slidding around her shoulders while I cling to her hand. “After three tours my platoon and I got really close. Half of the platoon had canine partners that helped us detect bombs, mines and insurgents. We relied on each other with our lives. There was absolutely nothing we would not do for each other…” I really don’t need to tell her that, because she knows how much the men in my platoon meant to me. Especially Chase Wheelis and Cullen Lewis, who were two of my best friends growing up.

I trail off and look down into her patient gaze “We did a lot of good over there. The citizens were starting to really trust us. Each morning some of the men and I would play soccer with the children. There was a certain boy, his name was Abbas, he used to look so austere all the time. Over time I think we really started to rub off on him, on that last day I think I even saw him smile.”

Subconsciously I gently squeeze her hand, taking in her silent support. There isn’t anything she can say, but what she can do is listen and stay close to me. The way she now is.

“Abbas was taken by the insurgents. If it was not for the canines we would not have even noticed what was going on. Four of the dogs took off after the insurgents and led us right into their trap. Bullets rained down on us as soon as we entered the abandoned building. It was late, pitch black aside for the small flashlights on our helmets. There were at least a dozen insurgents. Even though there were only a handful of us that chased after the dogs, we all knew we had to save Abbas no matter what. Three of the dogs where killed first. After four of the insurgants fell dead three of my men were shot dead. I can’t remember how long it lasted, or how long I stood alone with the lone surviving canine. But when we realized we were the only two left we just sank to the ground. I should have felt grateful to be alive, but I didn’t. I remember being on my knees beating the ground with my fists…..”

“Is that why you were so intent on adopting Titus?” she softly questions. Her tone so sweet and soft, her presence so remarkably close to me. I glance to the six year old mahogany colored Belgian Malinois that lays on his dog bed next to the couch. His devote attention is on me, as if he is listening intently to our story. His brown eyes are filled with a deep intelligence and grief. I lean across the armrest and stroke the dog’s head. He is the only one who knows the depth of what I loss that day. “Yes. That is why it was so important to me that I adopt him when he got shipped back to the States,’ I reply simply.

I return to my previous position and look back down at Chelsea. “Amidst the chaos of that night, there was a single light. A single hope that came to life inside of me when Titus’ ear pricked and he bark several times before forcing me to follow him down a set old stairs. When I saw Abbas cowering in a corner I clung onto something that I was beginning to doubt. That all of their deaths were not in vain. Each one of my brothers in arms died that night for one single child. They gave up everything so that Abbas could live. That night I stopped seeing him as the austere child, and began seeing him as a mighty lion who was gifted with a chance at greatness.

‘Cullen and Chase and the other men I called my brothers made the ultimate sacrifice that night. One that they all believed in with their whole heart. One that can never truly be repaid,” I pause for a few seconds as my gaze locks with that of my wife’s. “I feel like I survived to tell their sotry. The same as I am sure Abbas is over there standing taller and stronger now, ready to defend those that cannot defend themselves.”

Silence follows for a few minutes before Chelsea leans up and kisses my cheek. “I wish I could thank them for all they have done, not just for you but for Abbas and so many others.” She kisses my lips this time with a sincerely beautiful smile. “Thank you baby, for all you have done. I can’t take what happened away, but I know you will take what happened and continue to help those around you. The way you and your platoon always would.” She glances to the framed picture above the mantel place of my platoon and I, the single picture of all of us together, dogs included. I watch as she lifts her right hand and salutes the photo. “Thank you each for your sacfrice.”

I watch her in silence until she turns to look back up at me with those perfect blue eyes. “I love you Chelsea…” I whisper gently before leaning forward to kiss her lips.

“I love you too Bowman…”

This is a b-lated birthday gift to my one and only Cyber-pop ALLforJESUS Hope you like it!
He wanted me to write a story showing thanks to those who have served, both living and dead. I wasn't really sure what path to take the story down until I saw this piece REDEMPTION - by DanLuVisiArt. I saw the name 'Bowman' on the helmet and felt like that should be the name of the guy. Once finding that one thing to work off of I just started writing.

I would like to know what y'all think of the flow of the story. Any errors/changes/etc you think I should make to improve it?

Word count: 1,234 (that is amusing)

| All rights belong to me, stealing proves you lack imagination. |

“I can’t believe it is already the seventeenth of January 2013, where has the time gone?” I inquire more to myself than to anyone else. I lean back in the couch in the Austin Firehouse, Station 14 living room. Stretching out I glance over to the kitchen that is attached to the living room with a long island as the only separation between the two rooms. Spotting my best friend, Alex Watt near the stove I grin. “What are we eating?”

“Do you ever pipe down?” he smirks, while dicing an onion. He tosses it into a pot boiling on the stove. “I’m making some homemade chili,” he finally adds. His handsome breath taking blue eyes flashing over to me. “You can put yourself to use by helping me out over here.”

Huffing I rise to my feet and skip over. “What do you need?”
“Start dicing those tomatoes and bell peppers.” He hands me the knife and goes to the refrigerator to pull out a three pound of beef. He begins to chop up into fine slices to toss into the pot that has a vast amount of water and spices in it to make up the sauce.
“It is a quiet day,” I state, as I finish dicing the bell peppers. I tosses the tomatoes and peppers into the pot. glancing at Alex as he slaps his forehead with his palm. “What?”

“Jen, a quiet day at the Station is good, and it’s normally whe…” he pauses as the bell goes off. He shoots me a glare. “-when some idiot complains about it being a quiet day they jinx it.” He reaches around and turns the burner off. He lifts the pot onto another burner that isn’t being used before we turn and jog out into the garage to meet up with our crew.

Eagerly I pull on my gear, helmet in hand before climbing into the Engine. “What’s the call Captain?”
“A house is on fire.” Captain Rodger Stevens briefly explains. His dark eyes set on the road as the driver, West Gage, makes the turn down the busy Airport road.

With the sirens of the truck ringing in my ears I look to Alex who is staring out the open window. I watch silently as he takes a deep intake of fresh air. He looks unnaturally nervous, which he isn’t the kind of guy that ever allows anything to get to him, the only time in the last fifteen years that I have known him that I saw him rattled by something was when his father died in the line of duty when he was ten years old. I was there through it all, supporting him, as any friend would have. The struggle with being so close to him, being his best friend was that it was impossible, from an early age, not to completely fall in love with him. So this behavior was definitely uncharacteristic for him.

“What’s wrong Alex?” I whisper. Eyes catching his gaze as he looks at me, his brows furrowed together. Helmet clutched tightly in between his hands.
“You ever feel like a certain call will change your life forever? You don’t know why or how it is going to happen but you feel that it is and there is nothing you can do to change it?” He pauses, as if he expects me to answer such an odd question, then he gravely shakes his head and looks out the window. “It’s one of those calls.”

I’m not exactly sure why but his words stay with me for the rest of the ride to the small subdivision. Even as we climb out of the Engine and our other crew files out of the Ladder I can’t escape his words, but more than just his words I can’t escape the sound of dread that was mingled in his tone. It scares me. Trying my hardest to shake the thoughts away I help attach the hose into the fire hydrant as Captain Stevens receives news from one of the neighbors that there is someone trapped inside. Handing the hose off to West I look at the two story house and jog over to Alex and Captain Stevens.

“Watt, Chase you two go in, from what the neighbors say there should be a couple kids and a baby sitter still inside.”
Covering my gas mask over my face I follow Alex’s lead into the house once he busted open the door. “Austin Fire Department, call out!” he shouts.

Dodging fires is always more fun to see in the movies than in real life. With the power of the heat trying to grab you, desperately trying to choke out your very existence by suffocating you. It is definitely an adrenaline rush, one that gives you the nudge you need to mentally get into gear to stay alive amidst the flames.

“Jen stay low!” Torn from my thoughts I duck lower to the ground. Glancing wildly along the ground. “Fire department, call out!” I echo his earlier words as I enter the kitchen. Alex comes out of the last room, the only first story floor bedroom.
“I’ll head upstairs Jen, meet you up there.” As he rounds the corner to disappear up the staircase I enter the kitchen, instantly spotting a young girl lying unconscious on the floor, a pot in flames, likely the cause of the fire. Crouching down I slip my arms under her and struggle for a moment to lift her up before finally finding my feet. I rush out of the house and onto the front lawn where a waiting parametric hurries over to take her from my arms.  

Without hesitating I spin back on my heels and dart inside the house. As much as I try to rid Alex’s earlier words from my mind I just can’t. The last thing I want is him inside the burning house by himself. Panting I dance with the flames as I round the corner to charge up the stairs, which is completely engulfed in orange and golden flames eating up the wooden base. Accidentally I stomp down too hard on one of the middle steps and instantly it collapses beneath my weight. Frantically my hand shoots out to grab onto the burning railing. Thankful for the gloves on my hand that the fire isn’t able to completely feed on my flesh. In a rush I catch myself and leap two steps higher. Without stopping I dart around the frame of the staircase. “Alex!” I yell wildly. I kick open a door that is closed, empty, but the sudden gust of air shoots the flames behind me charging straight to me. Dropping to the ground I gasp. ‘Stupid Jen, you can’t be stupid!’

When the flames eased into a new rhythm I crawl along the floor and when I am out of its path I leap to my feet and jog into the next room. Again it is empty.
Rounding the corner to the last room I gasp. The floor is completely caved in a good eight feet in width. Along the wall of flames that spit out of the hole I can see the dark shape of Alex on the other side in the bedroom crouched over. “Alex!” Gritting my teeth I take several steps back before taking a running start, at the very last moment possible with all the strength I can muster I leap across the fire. Eyes closed tightly until I feel the impact of the floor breaking my fall instead of the fire capturing me into its depths. Panting I scramble to my feet and dash into the room. “Alex!”

“Jen, thank God!” Alex wheezes, his mask is no longer on. Instead it is covering the face of a little two year old boy that he is covering with his large body. Clutching the boy is a little girl, possibly five or six years old. Ripping off my own mask I crouch down next to them and look straight into the frightened little girl’s eyes. “Here sweety let’s put this on you, it’ll help you breathe better,” I say softly. Gently I ease the mask over her face and as Alex straightens he scoops the girl into his arms as I lift the boy into mine. “Captain,” Alex shouts into his mic piece in his helmet. “we need a ladder along the left side of the house.” He walks to the barred window and growls. “the window is barred so the jaws will be needed…” his words trail off as a round of coughs rack his body. Leaning into the frame of the window he gasps for air.

“Alex you okay?” I step to his side. I stroke the little boy’s head close to my chest, protecting his small body with my own. The smoke already starts to burn my own lungs, scratching and flaring in my throat like a leech sucking away my air.
“I’ll be better once I’m out of this house with these kids and you,” he comments between breaths. He glances out the window as the Ladder wheels around the corner and halts right outside the window. He watches as West, Captain Stevens and another firefighter sat the ladder into motion to position at the window.

A beam along the entrance of the room begins crackling. The fire eating away its base, devouring the wood. Though because of my focus on Alex I don’t see it. Because of the constant groaning of the house I don’t pin point that one sound out of the rest to notice the structure of the beam has just snapped and it starting to fall towards me.
Alex’s eyes widen and in a flash quicker than lightning he sits the girl beside the window and leaps forward to tackle me away from the threat. Gasping in alarm as my body is pushed to the ground I shield the boy as my back embraces the floor.
Eyes wide I watch in horror as the beam crashes down onto Alex, hitting him squire in the back and knocking him to the ground. Pinned.

“ALEX!” I yell as I scramble to my feet. Checking the little boy quickly before setting him next to his sister near the window. “Don’t let him go!” I warn before whirling back around to Alex. With all the strength I can muster I try to pull the beam off him. “Hang on Alex!” I shout. Desperately pulling and pushing and kicking the beam, but I am no match to its size and strength. “Dangit, move!” I hiss.

“Jen stop, it’s no good,” he pants. Blood already drips from his lips, his eyes closing for a few silent seconds before blinking open. “You have to get those kids out.”
“I can’t, not yet!” Hearing the sound of the window breaking I glance around to make sure the kids aren’t too close to get grazed by the glass. Seeing that they are okay I move my eyes back to Alex. “They are almost here Alex, hang on!”

The slow crunch of the jaws-of-life clipping away at the bars ring in my ears. Grabbing onto his hand I squeeze it tightly. “Alex!” I scream at him as he begins to close his eyes. “Stay with me!”
“The last bar is gone, help the kids… out.”

I growl at him, but quickly I shoot to my feet and hurry to the window just as West clips the last iron bar away. Gently I pick up the boy as my crewman reaches out his arms. “Easy now.” I breathe in the fresh air and hand the child over. Carefully I lift the girl next as West passes the boy down to another firefighter that is on the ladder. “Alex is trapped!” I exclaim as I lift the girl to West this time. “I need help getting him o…” My words break off as a flask of fire roars from the floor where the beam has crashed. A small hole lengthening where Alex’s thighs are pinned, the fire catching along his clothes. “Alex!” Once West has the girl I spring away from the window back to him. Crouching I try once again to push the beam off.

“Jen…” his voice is low, far too low. His coughs sounding harsh and deep now. His fingers tighten around mine, his handsome, breath taking blue orbs fill with moisture. “Have I ever told you how…” a round of coughs interrupt him. “how absolutely beautiful you are?” A smile twitches up along his lips, if it wasn’t for the blood it would seem like his normal irresistible smile. “mmm, so beautiful.” I can see he tries hard to fight it but his eyes close for several moments before he forces them open again. “I should of told you ages ago… when I could have kissed you and held you…” his pause lasts long enough to cough half a dozen times. “I love you.”

I know it isn’t really the smartest thing to do, considering the smoke is so thick, but I gape at him. Mouth wide open as I stare in disbelief. “You idiot!” I cry, which only makes his smile widen. “Idiot, idiot, idiot! I love you too! Damn you!” I lean down until our lips touch. They stay locked for a long minute until he has to break away to cough.

“You could have told me too,” he chuckles quietly. His eyes move to the window as West and Captain Stevens climb in.
“Captain, get this crazy woman out of here, it is too late for…” he coughs a few times before going on. “the house is falling, get out of here alive…”
“We aren’t leaving you!” I howl at him. Looking to Stevens and West I narrow my eyes at them as they stare at the floor near Alex. “What?”
“The floor is caving.” West replies.

I haven’t noticed how quickly it is widening. How if we move the beam it would make the floor collapse beneath us, taking all four of us with it. The lack of oxygen numbs my body, freezing my feet in their spot. My eyes move to Alex, watching him lock eyes with Captain Stevens. “Take her out, get her out, don’t let her die too!”
I could feel West’s arms come around me to help me out the window, and even though my mind screams at him I can’t move at all to stop him. “ALEX NO!”

“I love you Jen…”

Just as West lifts me out the window and Stevens shares a few words with Alex, the last thing I see is the floor ripped apart from the flames, wrapping its arms around Alex’s body to pull him down into its burning hell.
The cries continue to erupt from my throat, tears flooding down my eyes, rolling off my cheeks. The day becomes a blur as I sit on the back of the truck taking in huge intakes of air from the oxygen mask. Eyes watching with no anvil as my crewmen eventually control the fire, but not able to save the house.  With the fire contained, the only thing Captain Stevens is able to recover from Alex's body is his helmet.

The drive back to the station I can’t remember. The last real sight I recall seeing before the hole of darkness in my heart overwhelms me is the cold pot on the stove where Alex should have been right now finishing that pot of chili.
Had I never made that jinx, maybe he would still be here.
But I never would have known he loved me…
I wrote this on the 17th of January.

I absolutely love firefighters, I have the utmost of respect for the men and women who put their lives on the line daily for us. Sometimes to save us they lose someone within their unite/squad/crew, like in this story.
It was fun to write though, it had that 'Beauty of Ashes' feel about it, (my first novel I published that can be found on Amazon) so that was cool.
And it was written in first person so I could put bits and pieces of myself in it which is always the easier more fun stories to write for me. ^^

I would really like some feedback on this piece though.
How was the impact of it? How did it make you feel?
How was the writing style?
Any errors/mistakes?
Any feedback whatsoever would be nice.

|Rights belong to me: |


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Arshavir by InemisetAmaya by Inemiset

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I am a third generation Austinite on my mother's side.
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I am
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Or are you interested in what others think about my art? Well than check out namenotrequired's News Article about my poetry

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'Christianonfire7 is a lovely, kind hearted deviant with strong beliefs and a gallery filled with heart. Her poetry is beautiful and will bring the poet in you to the forefront; her photography is inventive and often catches a glimpse into a different world, a world we aren't all privy to. If one thing in her gallery doesn't inspire and awe you, keep looking--you're bound to find a reason to add Christianonfire7 to your watch list.'
-Written for her Review Competition features.'

DLD's I've gotten.

8-24-2010 DLD feature
The day dusk did not sleep
The day dusk did not sleep.
You stepped into my life when those bullies haunted me,
You stood in front of me and clenched your fist.
Told them to back off and leave me alone,
They feared you, so they obeyed your warning.
Once they were gone you turned to me,
Took my hand and helped me up.
Then looked into my eyes,
And captured me with your smile.
That was the day the mountains shook,
The day when the oceans went silent.
When time stood still for the very first time.
When the colors in the sky didn't change from that golden ray,
painted with those pinks and purples.
It was the day dusk did not sleep.
You slide your hand in mine,
Made it clear for the whole world to see.
That I was yours and you were mine.
And when I started to doubt the motion,
You simply leaned closer and kissed my cheek,
And whispered in my ear.
"I love you."
That was the day the mountains shook,
The day when the oceans went silent.
When time stood still for the very first time.
When the colors in the sky didn't change from that golden ray,

12-27-2012 DLD Feature

'Human Trafficking'
Human TraffickingShadows crawl along moldy walls,
Daggered teeth bared in cracks and holes.
She gasps within the nightmare,
As large phantoms creep into her room.
Daddy and mommy never hear her scream,
For they now lay lifeless in crimson puddles.
Dark trades exchanged in secret corners.
Rooms in shadows with slow burning cigarettes.
She stands on a pedestal barely clothed.
Ghost white skin bare to intimate members.
A scarlet shawl covers her face, haunting her eyes.
Until one man growls his hunger and pays her toll.
Sex doll, becomes her famous nickname,
Hard as he desires, ravaged with deep aggression.
Her cries are blotted out in her basement chambers,
Blood and bruises are her constant reward.
For the imprisonment of her master's game.
When his itch is scratched he climbs on off,
Out her chamber, the lights go out.
She aches in the darkness, crying within her cage.
There is no freedom, no hope for the light.
A dirty little secret, a big 'ld lie.
Greedy 'ld men, a girl's broken heart.
The darkness h

Pay it forward features by lacoterie

Pay it forward February 1st 2013 My sinI bow at His Throne,
And praise how I love Him so.
I write poetry to infuse words so divine
To show Him that I mean each line.
I rage about sin in a holy confession…
Tick…tock…tick tock…
But my confession is this,
I'm the sinner needing Salvation.
I down talk the other sins,
But mine is the biggest.
For it consumes my very being.
Tick tock…tick tock…
'I love him.' I try to tell God,
Like that would make Him understand.
That He can bypass me and my shame.
I'm fooling only the naïve part of me.
So I roll up this newspaper, pretend…
Pretend like the headlines don't matter.
But its screaming out on the page.
Tick tock…. Tick tock…
I'm a sinner with only One Way out.
I'm an adulterer with only One Way out.
I'm a liar with only One Way out.
I'm a failure with only One Way out.
I'm dead with only One Way to Live.
Christ died on the cross for me,
Bought every single lie I believe.
He was nailed to that wood for my sin.
The whips He endured for

Pay it forward March 4th 2013 These wordsI spit bullets and speak daggers.
Your emotionless shields are your only defense,
against these words that kill like a disease.

Video of Gideon and me.


Sixwordstory commissions
Sixwordstory-your choice of topic.
A sad tell.Sobs broke free
'...Put her down.'
Hello all.

So I have been wanting to do a feature for about a month now, but I wasn’t sure who to feature first. So I decided I would feature a new artist that I just randomly come across. Like, I was just thinking about searching around when, beyond I saw this amazing piece that led me to looking at more pieces from this artist. I have come upon a truly gifted person, so thus I am going to feature this artist, because I think she deserves it.


The cosmic strings by FlashW The fire soul by FlashW Autumn forest by FlashW Only up by FlashW
Breeziness by FlashW The Consciousness of Love by FlashW The Illusion of magic by FlashW Iced by FlashW
Amber season by FlashW Underwater by FlashW One Family by FlashW Nautilus Leopardus by FlashW
The patroness of night by FlashW Imaginary by FlashW Beyond The Invisible by FlashW Set me free by FlashW
Golden Savvanah by FlashW Calm place by FlashW Different worlds by FlashW Kings of the past by FlashW
Be with me, my butterfly by FlashW

That’s just a small piece of her gallery, now go check the rest of her art out.


Amazing gifts from friends!

Must continue writing my acrostic values series.
:bulletgreen: Purity
:bulletgreen: Hope
:bulletgreen: Love/Compassion/Courage
:bulletgreen: Faith
:bulletgreen: Baby's life
:bulletgreen: Believe
:bulletgreen: Self-Control.
:bulletred: Holiness
:bulletred: Joy
:bulletred: Praise
:bulletred: Gentleness
:bulletred: Patience
:bulletred: Trust
:bulletred: Peace
:bulletred: Sacrifice

Gideon by Islandstar by the amazing Islandstar
Commission: Christianonfire7 by galaxy--princess by galaxy--princess
Comm: This Star's on Fire by Inemiset by Inemiset

2013 Glory Be project


:bulletblue: 2013 Goal 365 pieces.
:bulletgreen: Completed: 72
:bulletyellow: To do: 294

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If I asked you to tell me about Jesus Christ, what would you tell me? Don't worry, I'm not going to attack your beliefs or start an argument (I accept people of all beliefs- save those beliefs that call for the deliberate harm of another individual). I actually used to be a Christian myself, I received a Christian education, and I'm always fascinated with the different answers I get from people who I ask this question. I'm curious as to how you will answer. What will you give?
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Jesus is the Son of God, He is fully man and fully God. I personally believe in the Trinity, God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 
As John 14:6 says 'Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. 
If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; from now on you know Him, and have seen Him."

To know the Father is to know the Son, and to know the Son is to know the Father. Jesus came to bring life, and He came to tear the veil that held us from God. 
Matthew 27:5-52 '
And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and yielded up His spirit. And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth shook and the rocks were split. The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised;…'

Jesus, He is my Savior, He came to bring sight to the blind, to heal the broken hearted, the lame, the deaf, the dead. 
And He still lives today, changing and touching lives. Bringing hope and life to those that open their hearts to Him. 
To me John 10:9-11 sums who He is beautifully to me.
"I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. "I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.…'

Many people I talk to, Christian's that is, say their faith is a religion. To me however, my faith is a relationship. I am not forced to believe, I am not controlled to place all my heart and faith in my God. I chose to because I love my Father and know, even in the hard times that threaten to destroy my sanity, that He is with me, protecting me and holding me up. 

I must thank you for asking this question, because amidst this 'difficult' time I am going through, writing this out has really made my spirits lift. So thank you. 

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