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I have a month left in my PM, my life has been so crazy lately that I completely forgot about expiring... 

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Arshavir by Inemiset

About me:

I am a third generation Austinite on my mother's side.
A seventh generation Texan from my mother's side.
And a fifth/sixth generation Texan from my father's side.
So I'm a born and raised Austin Texan chick.
Take that y'all. ;)

My Photography account :icondrigerphotography:

What I stand for you ask?
I am
:bulletgreen: Pro-life… :thumb292250045:
:bulletgreen: Pro-adoption
:bulletgreen: Pro-power of Christ's love.
:bulletgreen: Pro-forgiveness
:bulletgreen: Pro- following in Jesus steps.
:bulletgreen: Most important, don't misunderstand me for being religious, because I'm not 'religious' I have a 'relationship' with the Creator of Heaven and earth. It has nothing to do with religious views. It has everything to do with knowing Him, loving Him, and being known by Him.
Sharing His love with others. Misunderstand that and you misunderstand me.
Any questions ask away, I won't bite.

My best and most dearest friends consist of
(My bestie)
(My cyber-pop)
(My Surreal Express)

Friends worth calling friends.
:icond-murasai::iconhillbillygirl::iconbumblezee: :iconguineapigdan::iconkramnhojpapermario:

Wanna read a bit more about my coming to dA and my art?
Here's a short interview I was honored to be apart of by 3wyl

Or are you interested in what others think about my art? Well than check out namenotrequired's News Article about my poetry

Review from :icontwilightpoetess:
'Christianonfire7 is a lovely, kind hearted deviant with strong beliefs and a gallery filled with heart. Her poetry is beautiful and will bring the poet in you to the forefront; her photography is inventive and often catches a glimpse into a different world, a world we aren't all privy to. If one thing in her gallery doesn't inspire and awe you, keep looking--you're bound to find a reason to add Christianonfire7 to your watch list.'
-Written for her Review Competition features.'

DLD's I've gotten.

8-24-2010 DLD feature
The day dusk did not sleep
The day dusk did not sleep.
You stepped into my life when those bullies haunted me,
You stood in front of me and clenched your fist.
Told them to back off and leave me alone,
They feared you, so they obeyed your warning.
Once they were gone you turned to me,
Took my hand and helped me up.
Then looked into my eyes,
And captured me with your smile.
That was the day the mountains shook,
The day when the oceans went silent.
When time stood still for the very first time.
When the colors in the sky didn't change from that golden ray,
painted with those pinks and purples.
It was the day dusk did not sleep.
You slide your hand in mine,
Made it clear for the whole world to see.
That I was yours and you were mine.
And when I started to doubt the motion,
You simply leaned closer and kissed my cheek,
And whispered in my ear.
"I love you."
That was the day the mountains shook,
The day when the oceans went silent.
When time stood still for the very first time.
When the colors in the sky didn't change from that golden ray,

12-27-2012 DLD Feature

'Human Trafficking'
Human TraffickingShadows crawl along moldy walls,
Daggered teeth bared in cracks and holes.
She gasps within the nightmare,
As large phantoms creep into her room.
Daddy and mommy never hear her scream,
For they now lay lifeless in crimson puddles.
Dark trades exchanged in secret corners.
Rooms in shadows with slow burning cigarettes.
She stands on a pedestal barely clothed.
Ghost white skin bare to intimate members.
A scarlet shawl covers her face, haunting her eyes.
Until one man growls his hunger and pays her toll.
Sex doll, becomes her famous nickname,
Hard as he desires, ravaged with deep aggression.
Her cries are blotted out in her basement chambers,
Blood and bruises are her constant reward.
For the imprisonment of her master's game.
When his itch is scratched he climbs on off,
Out her chamber, the lights go out.
She aches in the darkness, crying within her cage.
There is no freedom, no hope for the light.
A dirty little secret, a big 'ld lie.
Greedy 'ld men, a girl's broken heart.
The darkness h

Pay it forward features by lacoterie

Pay it forward February 1st 2013 My sinI bow at His Throne,
And praise how I love Him so.
I write poetry to infuse words so divine
To show Him that I mean each line.
I rage about sin in a holy confession…
Tick…tock…tick tock…
But my confession is this,
I'm the sinner needing Salvation.
I down talk the other sins,
But mine is the biggest.
For it consumes my very being.
Tick tock…tick tock…
'I love him.' I try to tell God,
Like that would make Him understand.
That He can bypass me and my shame.
I'm fooling only the naïve part of me.
So I roll up this newspaper, pretend…
Pretend like the headlines don't matter.
But its screaming out on the page.
Tick tock…. Tick tock…
I'm a sinner with only One Way out.
I'm an adulterer with only One Way out.
I'm a liar with only One Way out.
I'm a failure with only One Way out.
I'm dead with only One Way to Live.
Christ died on the cross for me,
Bought every single lie I believe.
He was nailed to that wood for my sin.
The whips He endured for

Pay it forward March 4th 2013 These wordsI spit bullets and speak daggers.
Your emotionless shields are your only defense,
against these words that kill like a disease.

Video of Gideon and me.


Sixwordstory commissions
Sixwordstory-your choice of topic.
A sad tell.Sobs broke free
'...Put her down.'

My dA life

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2014, 9:59 AM

:new: 'Salvation Crossing is now up on Createspace, and in the next few days will be up on Amazon as well.…

I have been tagged in three different journals about this new thing going around about ‘My life on dA’ so it has made me think of my time here on dA. 

Come August 28th of this year (2014) it will make up six whole years that I have been on Deviantart. My sissa bumblezee (who I met like seven years ago on a little site called neopets in a guild called ‘WhirlClan.’) she told me about this amazing site where artists of all talents share their gifts. It sounded interesting enough so I created a user.



Photography 2008:

Faithsong by Christianonfire7 Star of Judah by Christianonfire7 Titus, Giant defender. by Christianonfire7 Trust, by Christianonfire7

Peace, poster boy by Christianonfire7 I'll reach for the True King by Christianonfire7


It wasn’t until 2009 that I begin to grow more active in the dA world, and in April of 2009 I posted my first poem inside the comment of a picture I had taken.


Poetry 2009:

Across the ocean... by Christianonfire7 Your promises

In the arms of a Savior I am not alone.
Hand in hand with Him, the Mighty one, I feel at peace with myself.
Who in this land can compare to the Maker of Heaven and earth?
Who can hold me and promise to never leave me?
Promises are only as true as the person making them,
therefore a promise from my Heavenly Father is right and true.
It is a promise that will never be broken.
Spoken are lies among men, truth absent from their lips.
How then can one trust them?
How then can faith be put in them?
Possible are the ways of Christ, impossible the ways of men.
Here I stand, in a world mixed with hate and war, yet still a Light shines.
A Light that never goes out.
A Light that is promised.
If only you will see His beauty, His grace, His love...
If only you could believe in His promises!
The Path You Must Choose...
The path is easy,
the wrath is cruel.
Brutal words hitting you from all sides,
no mercy shown from the darkness.
Yet pleasures, desires call out to you,
telling you that it will be worth it all.
But in the end, it never is.
The lies, the pain, the wrath, the broken hearts,
It is NEVER worth it.
The path is hard,
the pleasure is pure.
The love is unending,
the grace is extending.
The arms of the Father stretches out farther than space.
His mercy as free as your next breath.
The path of Light is hard to go down,
the darkness will mock and spit on you.
But don't lose heart, 'cause it's worth it.
Staying true and faithful to Him is ALWAYS worth it.
For, His Love never fails!
You stand at a fork in the road,
two paths lay before you.
The straight and narrow,
and the wide, crooked path.
Here you must choose.
Between the pure noble
path that is full of light.
the dark, worldly pleasure
path that leads only to death.
Goodness and love,
Wickedness and hate?
The choice is
Forever and Always
Taken from my arms too soon,
I watched you grow, I watched you bloom.
But when that time came.
I had to let you flap your wings.
Had to let you fly away.
So I dreamed you'd come back to me,
I knew in truth you wouldn't.
You had your own dreams to fulfill.
Dreams that didn't include me;
Now my dreams have changed,
I no longer see you in my arms.
No longer see that love in your eyes.
Why does time harden ones heart?
How can evil take over so quickly?
I feel numb to the world.
Without you,
Without us.
I'm lifeless, hard and cold.
As the sun sets over the mountains,
I see a glisten in the fading light.
There you are, standing with your arms stretched out.
Expecting me to run into your embrace.
Then I see that look.
The softness in your eyes,
The regret,
The pain.
Only then do I realize.
Your choices didn't only break me,
But it broke you also.
In the arms of love I now fall,
Blessed with these feelings inside.
I could have turned you away,
Could have held bitterness towards you.
But no,
My Guardian Angel

Eyes always shining upon me,
A gaze so green, so pure.
And so full of love for thee;
They are the eyes of my Guardian Angel.
He's so small compared to many things,
But he's as mighty as a tiger.
He is my baby boy, simply a cat...
But when it comes to me,
He'd stand up to anything.
'Cause he's my Guardian Angel.
When I take the turn around that corner,
He's quickly looking for me, staying at my side.
Making sure I remain unharmed.
He's not a simple, normal ginger and white tabby.
He's my defender, watching over me...
He's my Guardian Angel.
I've known him all his life.
I watched him come into this world,
I heard his first mew,
Saw his first step.
I've watched him grow from a tiny kit,
Into a strong cat.
I've watched how his playfulness turned
to protectiveness;
Watched how his distain for kittens,
Turned to a love of a brother, a love of a father.
But always, throughout his stages of life,
He's always felt the same towards me.
For he is my Guardian Angel,
from his Beginning and to t
Princess, Papa and the Prince

There they stood, side by side.
She was the Princess,
And he was her Papa.
She was his life, his joy, his world.
He'd do anything for her.
He'd give her the stars if he could.
He'd lie down his own life for her.
She was his rainbow on those stormy days...
She was the Princess,
And he was her Prince.
He loved her more than life itself,
He'd take a bullet for her.
He'd slay the dragon to save her.
He'd travel across the ocean for her.
He won her heart,
And he held it tightly.
He'd never let her go.
She was the Princess,
He was her Papa.
She was still his everything,
But no longer was she his baby girl.
Now she was a young woman,
A woman in love with a Prince.
A Prince who wanted to take her hand.
If only the Papa would allow it...
She was the Princess,
He was her Prince.
Happily he stood, at the alter awaiting.
Watching as his Princess glided down
the aisle, arm in arm with her Papa.
Still, the Prince would do
anything for her love.
She was the Princess,
He was her Papa.
Kissing her
My love

Soaring on the white clouds,
like eagles on the wind.
Is how I feel with you next to me,
Like these wings of mine will take me
to the mountains far above.
This is my love.
So crimson red is this blood,
dripping from this heart of mine.
Blood not draining from me,
but pumping life into me.
Boom boom, Boom boom.
Pounding out
my love's song to you.
And I'll never let go,
not for a single moment.
I wont lose this fight.
This fight I've longed to win,
The battle I'll die fighting.
My love wont let you down!
You are the one.
I took his hand in the storm,
Not thinking of what may lie ahead.
I held tight to his fingers,
Praying to God he'd never let go.
Thunder crashed over head,
Rain pouring in our faces.
He drew me close,
Encircling me with his strong arms.
"I'll keep you safe, always."
He whispers in my ear,
And all fear is gone.
The raging storm vanishing,
With a single gust of wind.
I look up to see the light,
The suns rays ever so bright.
He gently caress my damp cheek,
The sun couldn't compare to his smile.
"Beautiful." He breathes,
a sound so strange but perfect on his lips.
The glow of the sun making him shine.
A rainbow stretched across the sky overhead;
And slowly he went to one knee,
Pulling a ring from his pocket.
"Do you love me? Will you marry me?"
I stood in disbelief,
Was I dreaming? Or was it happening?
Tears slid down my cheeks.
No doubt tried to take over as I stroked his chin.
"I love you, with all that I am."
My smile grew, as I leaned forward,
"I'll be your wife, from now until the end
Sally, her lifes journey
Abandoned, struck, left to defend myself.
I press in close to my siblings,
hoping for the warmth of their fur.
Hoping to give them back my own warmth.
Darkness surrounding us, encircling us.
The rumble of cars zooming from one side,
and on the other side was the creeping noise of
creatures that would love to eat us.
Too scared to move we stayed where we were.
Shivering in fear, our bellies growling with hunger.
All hope was gone, death was knocking at the door.
Then a car stopped alongside the road.
A two-legged woman stepped out of the belly of the monster.
Her eyes wide with shock and horror, her face twisted with sadness.
She crouched down slowly, stretching out her hand.
"It's okay lit' ones, I wont hurt you. I'm only here to help."
She whispered the words softly, the way our mother once had.
We move towards her kindness, her love.
Now I am separated from my remaining kin,
placed in a home so strange and unknown.
Yet a friend I have made, Shadow is his name.
He took me under his pa
Nothing but friends...

It is a sparkle in that smile,
the hope upon that cheek.

He caught my eye,
held it lock in key.
Then walked away,
without a second glance.
Did he know how I felt?
Did he notice the way I looked at him?
Could he read me?
And if so, why couldn't I do the same?
Does he smile like that to everyone?
Does his eyes glisten like that when he sees every girl?
Well my course has changed,
I've realized we aren't meant to be.
But even so,
I can't help but be happy to see him...
I can't help but be happy to know
about the great plans God has for Him.
He's a man worthy of the best,
why can't I be that best?
I take a step back,
loosen my grip a little.
And I know it's not meant to be,
and that silent dream is blown away.
And I'm fine with that,
I can't see myself in his arms in that way.
And I can't imagine an us.
But he's a good man,
a man I'm proud to know.
Even if we are nothing but friends.
Time bomb.

Tick tick,
Tick tick.
It's the song of this time bomb.
Boom boom,
Boom boom.
It's the dance of this heart.

I try to play it cool,
but sometimes I wonder if I'm just a fool.
I take the blows, take the anger, take the lash outs.
And I hold it all inside, decide it ain't worth snapping back.
Decide to hold my tongue and not say a thing.
'For life and death are held in the grip of the tongue.'
So I hold back,
I allow this bomb to be set.
Ticking out the song of death.
Which it seeks to destroy me,
wants nothing more than to kill me with a final boom.
And I'm failing to see, this heart in me.

Tick tick,
Tick tick.
It's the song of this time bomb.
Boom boom,
Boom boom.
It's the dance of this heart.

It's like a slap across my face,
I have a choice to make.
Turn the other cheek, take the blow again.
Or fight back,
take revenge and hold hatred in my heart.
But even as the smack hits my face,
I'm already in the motion to turn the cheek.
To take the blow,
Face of an angel

No one understood Stephen's faith,
and because of that they wanted to accuse him.
Wanted to bash him into the ground,
which in the end, they did.
They brought forth false witnesses to speak against him,
and once they finished
they called Stephen to the stand to defend himself.
But as he opened his mouth,
Words of defense didn't fill the air.
He spoke of the time of Abraham and of Moses.
The people were furious and gnashed their teeth at him.
But being filled with the Holy Spirit Stephen lifted his gaze to Heaven and saw
The Glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.
"Look! I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God."
He claimed proudly, but the people did not want to listen.
They rushed him and dragged him out of the city to stone him.
They grabbed their stones and began to throw them,
Striking him with each rock.
But with each blow his eyes didn't stray from Jesus.
His gaze remained fixed on his true love.
Awaiting the arms of his Savior
Fight for it.
I walk along a silent street so still and deserted, as if I am isolated from this world.
I stick my hands in my pockets and begin to whistle with my steps slow and graceful.
The dark sky above glistens with beautiful stars, held in the hands of God Almighty.
His peaceful love washes over me in waves of Glory.
And with each step I fall even more madly in love with Him.
As the thoughts of my Maker blossom to life, swift movement catches my gaze.
I draw ever so near to the dark form ahead of me, and strangely enough I do not fear it.
"Hello?"  I hear my voice call out the greeting, its depth embodied with warmth.
The woman turns to face me, staring, her eyes wide with fear and shock.
Her clothing hardly stretches along her body, exposing most of her bare flesh.
Her dark skin pretty and well kept, her shoulder length black hair blows in the gentle breeze.
Through human eyes she would be considered very beautiful, tempting to the touch.
But in those deep brown pools that clearly m
Life. -collab-
A gentle breeze, calm and steady,
Whistled though the autumn trees,
The sound of barking fills the air,
And children laughing sparks the day,
Sun shining bright high in the sky,
Different shapes of white clouds dotting the endless blue,
Birds soaring high, singing to the natural music of the air.
As changing leaves float soundlessly to the ground,
Nothing but the wind to break its freedom,
Silence is far from my grasp,
Yet silence is what we all want,
What every heart longs for.
Life goes on, no matter what happens,
We are helpless to stop it from passing on,
Helpless to change life at all,
But like stubborn mules we try nevertheless,
Try to undo whats already happened,
But fail we will, for it is impossible to undo what's already been done.
| Written by Jamie Gandy and Paul Wagstaff: |
Showered among the stars.
Showered among the stars,
Like brilliant diamonds in the sky.
I hold your heart ever so tight,
I caress it with the gentlest of hands.
I wont break this precious gift,
A gift I've freely been given.
Was it Holy angels that gave you to me?
On that bright sun shiny day?
Did the Almighty know I would fall so hard?
Did He know that you were my other half?
The half I was missing without even knowing.
And is He glad that you listened to His prodding?
The sun sets to end another day,
Another day He allowed me to live and breathe.
Another day to love you compliantly.
As the golden rays fade away,
I close my eyes to dream of you.
To wonder if your dreaming too.
And will another day arise?
Or can I die with peace that you know,
How deeply I love you so?
If I go to Heaven's Throne,
Will you be happy with the love I gave?
Though until I leave this earth behind,
I'll give you all the love I have to shine.


And still to this day my most famous and most commented poem I wrote was written in 2009 There is a God
There is a God,
no mystery about it.
Just look into the sky,
and you will see.
Touch the mountain peak,
and you will see.
Just take a breath,
hold deep then exhale.
And you will see that,
there is a God.
He is in the laugh of every baby,
the glowing smile on their faces.
In the heart of each child,
dancing with the innocence of this life.
He is holding that woman up in her pain.
Giving that man strength in his trials.
Speaking words of life into the hopeless,
shining light into the darkness.
He is God.
He is the whisper in the wind,
calling out your name.
He is the Eye in the storm,
waiting for you to call out to Him.
He is everything you need,
you just need to realize it is Him.
There is a God,
and He is everywhere.
In the oceans tide,
in the gull's cry,
in the fires blaze,
in the clouds rain,
in your hearts song.
There is a God.
. It continues to get the most response (both positive and  negative.)


When I got active I seriously got active. Within a span of a couple months I had already written loads of poetry. Up until this point in my life I never shared how I felt, and I absolutely never thought of spilling out everything in the form of poetry. Growing up I hated reading with a passion, I always felt forced to read, and had to read children’s books that I didn’t find interesting at all. Which inflamed my desire not to read as much as humanly possible. As I got older (12-13) I was given books to read for school (well my sister and brother were the age of having to read them,  high school required reads, but because we home schooled together my mom had me read along, so I was always learning things a couple years earlier then most kids my age.) Even though I slowly begin to tolerate reading I still didn’t like it until my best friend told me about the Warriors books…..

I’m sharing all that to let y’all know how much I didn’t like writing and reading as a kid. But that changed very quickly once I found the love of reading, and the love of writing shortly followed.


I had written two random poems in 2007 that were very bad and had written several short stories for my mom’s children’s magazine throughout my youth.

But not until 2009 here on  dA, when I seriously begin writing poetry and reading poetry, had I come to the understanding of how much I had kept inside for so long. Poetry became my outlet, my one therapy no matter what I was dealing with. I learned that I had the passion, I had the drive, and I had the words. But I didn’t have the proper teaching.

That’s where the community of dA came in strongly.


 Photography 2009:

Upon the water, stand by Christianonfire7 Im happy, you happy? by Christianonfire7 : Holy is my God by Christianonfire7 Sally, beautiful girl by Christianonfire7 Fire in the sky by Christianonfire7 Keep thanking Jesus. by Christianonfire7 Mess with me, you get this. by Christianonfire7 Austin, lights of the town by Christianonfire7

Mountains. by Christianonfire7 Beauty, believe it by Christianonfire7 I'm hear to listen. by Christianonfire7 Posed for honor. by Christianonfire7 Fear not little cuty. by Christianonfire7 Gideon Courage Gandy. by Christianonfire7 Hummingbird 2. by Christianonfire7 Canz Iz typez nowz? by Christianonfire7 Covering grace. by Christianonfire7


Though I felt a connection with both my poetry and photography throughout the year of 2009 I still knew it was sooo bad, that there was so much room for improvement.


I don’t really recall the group I joined, but I joined one that became very helpful in my overall growth in my art. One name that comes to mind instantly that helped me SO SO SO SO much not only with my poetry but also with my photography is the amazing 3wyl.

I know for certain that I would not be the artist I am today without her. There was a period of time she would take the time to leave creative commons and helpful critiques on my art. Through her taking that time out of her day to do that has made my mind expend in the way I see art, (especially with photography). She, to this day, is the one person I know here on dA that has done  way and beyond for the dA community.

I could say thank you a million times and it still wouldn’t be enough.


2009 was also the year I got my first puppy that was truly mine (though he later bonded whole-heartedly with my father…)  on September 6th 2009 Gideon Courage Gandy joined my family.

A new family member. by Christianonfire7Iz common. by Christianonfire7Grr, I fierce. by Christianonfire7 Canz Iz typez nowz? by Christianonfire7 What? Im just sitting here. by Christianonfire7 Pull mama, pull. by Christianonfire7 Grass taste good, mama. by Christianonfire7


Shortly after joining dA I met my Cyber-pop 4givenbyHIM, (known by another user at the time.) He has been the most important person I have met here on Deviantart. Not only is he a fellow artist, he is a fellow believer in Christ. Our Kindred Spirits  linked instantly, and to this day his journals have been a life line to me. During some of my darker days (aside from this month, which is the darkest of my life) I would read one of his journals and would fill renewed by his words of Faith and wisdom. When I would need just a small reminder of why I keep on keepin’ on in the Faith, I could just open one of his journals (or even just note him) and he would know what to say to help me Spiritually. And I’m honored and blessed to call him my Cyber-pop.

Along with supporting me in the faith he has always supported my art, more than anyone aside from my father, mom and full blood brother, Jon. Ken has been the one who has supported me and believed in me even when I found it hard believing in myself. His support went beyond the norm, especially for someone I have never met in person.  His support of me has gone so far as to donate money to me so I could buy my first DSLR camera in February of 2013.

Thank you Ken for always supporting me. From a love as pure as a daughter’s, I love you. 




Knight and Squire. by Christianonfire7



I met many, many more fellow artists during 2009 that became friends. I continued to learn more about the arts during the span of 2009 and always tried to improve.

(FYI, I would list names of people but you should know who you are so there. :P)



With the start of 2010 came the taste of homelessness for my family and I, the beginning of a rough five years. But even amidst days that were crazy beyond words (stories that would make your mind blow), I continued to stay faithful to my new love of poetry (and of course my Faith).  Poetry that truly began to mean more to me by the day. During 2009 it was merely an outlet, during 2010 to 2013 it became my lifeline. It wasn’t easy to pen out what I was thinking or feeling, but I needed it to deal with my life.

In October of 2009 my family and I got into Media, started our Live Ministry show every (at the time) Monday night (that changed to every Thursday night in the spring of 2010.) I wasn’t just learning how to become a better poet and photographer, I begin to learn the art of videograpphy, Floor Managing and everything to do with filming a Live show in a Studio.  Channel Austin became a home to my family because of how active we became in the Media. (We have done a staggering 690 programs in the five years of being homeless. Programs filmed inside the Studio and outside.)




Poetry 2010:

Burning away.
It's burning away like a piece of dry wood,
Melting away like a ice cube on a summers day.
This heart inside me.
Things that once hurt,
Now no longer bother me.
The pain is just like a buzzing of a bee,
Just annoying.
But I ain't losing sleep over this anymore.

Let me be a runaway.
Let me toss the fears and worries away.
Like a stone being tossed across the pond.
Let me take off my shoes and run.
Let me splash along the surf,
Like a dog taking chase.
Let me burn away this life.
Let me trade it in for something new.
Like a Father who will never leave me,
Let me feel Your loving arms around me.
Let me never hunger for anything more.
Like You hunger for only me.
Let me share this love with all those hurting,
Let me swim across the deep to do it for You.
Like You did for me.
Let me forgive so freely,
Let me love so openly,
Like You have with me, Father.
Let me settle here,
Let me never be, a runaway.
Like You've never run from me.
My Bible and my Dog

I was kid, lost to the wind.
I traveled on bare feet,
With these clothes on my back.
But even then I was totally happy.
I got my Bible and my dog.
Walking down these streets,
Not knowing where I'd sleep.
But I did not care,
I got my Bible and my dog.
From home to home I went.
'Cause always I had to leave,
For they didn't accept what I had to bring.
They told me to toss them like the spring.
But I could not part, with that which I loved.
I got my Bible and my dog,
Protecting me from the devils thieves.
One guarding me with the Word of truth,
The other fending me from evil men.
I'm safe, that there's no doubt.
Even when I'm on the streets,
As long as I got,
My Bible and my dog.
When you
When you slapped me I turned the other cheek.
When you cursed my name I bowed my head in defeat.
When you fed yourself drugs instead of feeding me I merely watched in hunger.
When you left me alone that night, I feared the dark, I cried for you.
When you handed me this powder, you told me to sell it.
When he found out I didn't, you watched him beat me blue.
When you saw them take me away, you didn't shed a single tear.
When I saw you in that hospital bed, I wept like an infinite.
When I touched your frail face, I swore my heart was tearing in two.
When I heard you say those three precious words, I knew I lost it all.
When I forgave you for all you've done, I saw the change.
When I saw that face turn as bright as day,
Was when I saw your body grow soberly still.
It's when I knew, God forgiven you too.
Lily of the Eagle.
'From the start you were in my life.
Like a fire that is set but never dies.
You captured my heart from the moment you said 'hello'
I swore I'd turn the moon aside for you, my love.

You were my best friend,
I rested in your nest.
Not caring that they hated you,
Thus I hated them for hating you.
Oh, but you, you did not hate them,
You, oh my Eagle, would not turn so cold.
My sweet, sweet Lily,
Do not turn to anger.
Wash away these lies of pain.
Open thy heart to thee,.
Let me clothe you with my love.
Let me shower you with my wings,
So that you, my love, could be set free.

Do not leave me to this cruel forest.
If you were to die, I'd forever grieve.
Oh for you have slipped your claws into my heart.
You hold it tight,
ahh so tight that it causes such wonderful pain.
For if you loosen your grip ever so slight,
I might faint with death.
You stupid mouse, must you do this to me?
For StarClan must pay if they take you away.

My soul is intertwine w
When I was little.
When I was little I danced with the butterflies,
I climbed trees and wished I could fly.
Held on tight to life as I swung
From one adventure to another.
With my cat at my side,
No matter the challenge we faced it together.
When I was little I'd stare up at the stars,
Counting the minutes in how far I'd gone.
And wondering where'd it'd gone all wrong.
But as long as I had my cat at my side,
I knew I'd figure it all out.
When I was little you told me it was pointless to dream,
Told me I best set them aside and start thinkin' straight.
You beat me when I'd take a step towards what I wanted,
You cursed me aloud, telling me you'd take my life.
And when I tried to run, you fulfilled your promise.
My only friend, my cat, tried to save me,
His fate was the same as mine.
When I was little, I had a dream,
Of a face as bright as the sun.
His arms reached out to me,
Welcoming me into a loving embrace.
Something so unfamiliar,
He told me He loved me.
That He'd never leave me,
That I was finally saf
Are a team that cant be beat.
                      It's what I always needed,
The Wolf
My gaze was cast upon the sky,
The gentle breeze bristling through my fur.
Oh how it coaxed me to howl,
To call out to all who would listen.
So I leaned back my head,
Releasing the sound, the song that I was born to sing.
Gliding on the wind,
Soaring through the air.
All gasp upon my beauty.
The snow upon my head,
My beck so golden and neat.
The feathers that cover my wings,
Ahh, am I not the creature, the bird,
of the sky?

You, I swore, were almost as beautiful as I.
Not the same beauty as I see in another wolf.
But in another creature that is as powerful as I,
As graceful and captivating.
As noble and strong as the blood that flows through my veins.
You, oh great bird, who seek justice,
Why have you come?

I notice the change in the land shape,
I see the creature upon the earth.
Staring up at me, longing for me to answer,
I fly to his side, resting upon a branch.
I am the one who calls upon the sky,
The one that knows no limits.
The one that seeks the Son to guide me,
To h
She sang her lullabies
She sang her lullabies;
A little girl dancing on her daddy's feet,
Blonde hair swaying across her pretty face.
Eyes gleaming with a joy so sweet.
I have finally reached -collab

`I have finally reached this place of peace,
Memories a scar on the back of my hand,
'Each scar reflecting all the trials I've been through,
These mean nothing to me, these bad memories of me,
They are the dreams that are left only to fade to gray,
I'm on my way to Paradise, my safe haven after these,
Just a simple thing to many, but to me, this is what I've always desired.'
'I've earned my stay, the ticket to my Freedom,
I now explore this new Glorious Promised land, the land I have won.
My infamous Saviour, who strayed me from my life of horror,
To Him I thank, for He led me here to rest in this silence,
For once I find it right to call something home,
I am finally at harmony with my life, comfortable with who I've become,
And now I can rest in my Paradise, for He hath saved me.
It's me I miss.
I stayed up all night praying,
Begging these thoughts to disappear.
I couldn't take the silence anymore,
I had to let it all go.
Why'd you have to leave me this way?
I use to think it was your love I needed,
Once believed you were my everything.
I missed you like I'd miss the rain.
I sucked in deep for oxygen,
To find, it wasn't you that filled me up.
As I lay in this bed,
Empty and alone.
I close my eyes to realize,
It wasn't you I missed.
It was myself that I longed to kiss.
The person that made me who I was,
The me, who lived these eighteen years.
The one who'd been walkin' on these two feet -
- all this time,
For it was me, who I missed being with.
To You I cry out to, Oh Lord.
Make me be who I once was,
The one who lived so faithfully.
Help me see what you meant me to be.
Show me just what I did wrong,
So I can turn from this.
The thing thats turned Your daughter away.
The one that made me miss the person You treasured so,
Oh Father, help me.
So You can love me again....
MTWB: Make the change.
I sit here wondering,
Pondering how I could make a difference.
Leaned back in this chair I stroke my chin,
Closing my eyes to see it played out clear.
I could take control,
Rid the world of war and hatred.
Toss all the bad guys to the sea,
Tame the animals and bring them peace.
It's the start to how I can make this world better.
Opening my eyes I look around,
I knew I had to take a step out-
- of my four walls to put my plan into motion.
Rising from my chair-
- I grab a pen and a piece of paper.
Scribble on it then turn to leave,
My mother would have to understand.
I take my place as president,
I change some laws and make-
the Government better for the people.
I knock off the chains of pain and death,
I lead the country to health and rest.
Take away McDonalds and other fast food places,
Make a note not to stuff another hamburger down.
It's the beginning of how I can make this world better.
Years down the line I look around,
To see the happy faces beam up at me.
This country was the sta
At the throne.
I stepped into the small room,
Seeing the old frail body in the bed-
- I frowned to myself.
With the slightest movement from the man-
- I forced myself to smile again.
Gracefully walking over to the railing-
- I gingerly touch the elderly man's hand.
"Hello Mr. Johnson." I greeted.
The sickly man blinked open his eyes,
His lifeless, emotionless, dead eyes.
The sight sent shivers down my spine-
- every time I saw them.
"I want out of here!" His quiet growl was followed-
- by a round of rough coughs.
The sound twisted my stomach into knots.
"Sir you can't leave, you aren't well enough,"
"Like hell I'm not!" Again the coughs followed.
But this time he slowly placed his hand on his chest,
Pain flashing in his hollow eyes.
"Shhh, take it easy Mr. Johnson."
I gently stroked his forehead,
And quickly drew it back when he cursed me.
"Leave me alone!"
At his request I said my goodbye and walked out.
As I stepped into the next patient's room-
- my smile was wider then ever before.
"Why hello the
Its honor.

"And he died, for his freedom?'
"No honey, he died for your freedom!'

The words had shaken me since that day.
I'd been but a child then,
But now I was an adult.
Though the shock of this day-
- continued to rock me.
I'd seen many families.
Asked them how it felt-
-to lose someone in a war.
All their answers were roughly the same,
It hurt worse than anything else.
But they wouldn't change it,
Each person confused me.
Why, why wouldn't they change things?
Didn't they want their child,
their brother, their father,
their uncle, their nephew back?
And not until this day did I understand.
A man dressed in uniform stepped-
out of his car, his army hat making him look just as tall.
Taken by his pose of honor I walked over.
'Sir, why do you do what you?"
His clear green eyes glistened with pride,
His smile lifting his cracked lips.
"I do it for my country, my fellow men.
I do it for the people of the US.
I do it for you, your freedom and safety."
I was taken back by his reply.
"But why?"
If I were invisible.
If I were invisible,
I wouldn't have an image to uphold,
Or a face to be seen.
I could pass from your grip unnoticed.
Take my ruined heart and go,
Leave you pondering how it happened so.
If I were invisible,
I could go from place to place.
I could take what I wanted
and they'd never know.
I could take down the bad guys,
Or maybe become one of them.
I could stand next to the president
or beside the royal king.
If I were invisible,
Then what would I be?
A lonely wonderer,
Searching for a purpose.
How I could be different,
How I could change history.
If I were invisible,
Who'd want to be me?
A muttered pain.I felt so numb,
Like a dentist shot me up,
But instead of going to my mouth-
it went straight to my heart.
I felt the fire burn me,
Scarred me to the core,
It marked the rest of my life,
A life no longer at your side.
I wanted to cry,
To let the tears roll down my face,
To soak my shirt,
That maybe if I set them free,
Then it's wipe it all away.
When it's in your arms I wanna be,
To feel your soft kisses on my cheek,
To see that beautiful love in your eyes,
But to know it'd never be,
That you are my friend,
Nothing more, nothing less.
Oh the tears nipping at my eyes.
And no matter how life may turn,
For the better or worse,
I will always love you,
Even when there's a hole
now in the place of my heart,
My heart that you still hold.
My only request,
Is don't leave this world yet,
Because even if I'm no longer yours,
You'll always be mine,
In my mind, my soul and my heart.
I love you.
The laugh of a child.
Giggles burst out,
Floating on the breeze.
Cresting the leaves,
Kissing the trees.
Filling the air with its joy,
Opening closed hearts.
Placing within them a golden spark.
Life is then sprung,
From the laugh of a child.
Walls.I built up these walls,
Set them around my heart.
So no one could reach it,
But the stone was starting to kill me.
Though I didn't seem to realize-
-what was causing this pain inside.
I closed my eyes and prayed,
And as the words came.
As I spoke openly to my God,
I realized what I'd done.
Tears filled my eyes-
-as I asked Him to break them down.
So I wouldn't be trapped-
- inside any longer.
I wanted these walls to crumble,
Before it was me who would take the fall.
My body was shaking.My body was shaking,
I couldn't stop it.
Could only feel this pain,
Couldn't even open my eyes to see.
Why this was happening to me.
There was a rush,
Flashes of light.
Screams being shouted,
People running around me,
Panic controlling them all.
I was fading from this life,
Blood draining from me.
Nothing could be done,
All was lost.
Even as they tried to save me,
I knew I was gone.
Pride. -devil-
Pounding head,
Sinking sand.
It was my courage,
My life that changed it.
My love that saved You,
It was me who raised You.
Me that healed You,
Me that won this game.
You had nothing to do with it.
I was the one,
Not You.
That made this world better,
They should bow to me.
Worship me,
Not You..
It's why these walls fell,
Why I broke down.
Why I'm shaking in my misery,
Burning by these flames.
Is why I'm powerless,
Chocking on this sickening taste.
Forever dying by my lies and pride.
And though I'm burning now,
I led these men, women and children-
- down here to burn with me.
But You,
You rose from the grave.
Saved those worthless sinners,
Because You really love them.
It was You that tossed me out,
Who killed me and left me to burn.
Because You are the Mighty One.
Though it was my pride that made me fall,
I knew the truth was always in You.
I wanted to be better,
I wanted Your power.
So that they'd fear me,
So that they'd love me.
Because I was worthy of it,

Show her My love.
I had a friend come to me,
She spilled out all her problems.
Of how she believed,
She told me she was trapped.
Trapped in a way of living,
But that she was happy.
It was hard for me,
To hear how she loved another woman.
How she said she wanted-
to make a family with her.
I felt utterly sick inside,
But I knew I had to push-
all the ick aside.
I had to shine with God's love.
I smiled, though it was hard.
I told her what I believed.
Told her that the sin was wrong,
But that God didn't hate her.
That He hated this sin,
But that He loved her.
And if He could see past
those sins to a daughter He loves.
Then I could at least try to do the same.
I had to accept her.
Because I knew that was-
-what I was suppose to do.
To be a real Christian,
To show her God's love.
Not hate her or stone her,
I had to see past the flesh.
Down to the spirit,
To see what God saw.
A beautiful princess,
With her King awaiting.
Confused by the lies,
Traveling to and fro.
To reach something, someone else.
Leaving her
There is hope.
It built up in a second,
And it flared like mighty flames.
Those words were said,
Those fists came crashing down-
-on her like burning coals.
Anger clouded her better judgement,
It glazed her beautiful eyes.
Made her blind and stupid,
To the truth set in front of her.
The anger made her see the lies.
Forgiveness that washed over her,
Clothing her in love.
Like she was the most precious of jewels,
It was like Holy arms held her tight.
Oh, the forgiveness that changed her soul.
Jesus was the name she cried,
In her lonely nights.
His love was all that comforted her,
In those dark hopeless nights.
His arms held her close,
When everyone else pushed her away.
He was always at her side.
If I wasn't here tomorrow.
If I wasn't here tomorrow,
Would anyone care?
If I stepped to the left,
And faded into the sea,
Would anyone miss me?
(Will you miss me?)
If I made a change,
Tried to become a better person.
Would it matter?
Would the stars start to shine?
I know I'm a mess,
Just need some cleaning up.
Trim the edges of my life,
To fix myself.
But would it really matter?
If I wasn't here tomorrow,
Would anyone care?
Would tears be shed
or a lullaby read?
If I stepped to the left,
And faded into the sea,
Would anyone miss me?
(Will you miss me? )
You see me for who I am,
Deep to the core of me.
Though I'm nothing but a waste,
You reach out to me.
Taking me into Your arms.
If I wasn't here tomorrow
Would anyone care?
If the stars went out,
And I was rocked about,
Would it ruin Your day?
If I stepped to the left,
And faded into the sea,
Would anyone miss me?
(Will you miss me?)
(Are You missing me...?)
Suicide, failed at life.
I strung back.
Pain thrusting in my chest.
As he left me with another blow,
Could he now see this deep hole?
The one he'd been digging?
The one he'll bury me in.
I just can't take the suffering anymore.
I grab a knife and slowly press it to my skin.
No one would care, I'd be gone, they'd be happy.
Slowly the blood spilled, crimson red.
The deep lush color pouring out of me,
Tears nicked my eyes as I wondered-
-why no one loved me anymore.
I don't remember how it was played out,
But my body was now lying on the floor.
Not just one deep cut but three;
I was motionless…lifeless.
But somehow I could still see myself...
I watched as he came into the room,
Stood there in shock, horror on his face.
Where those tears in his eyes?
A smirk crossed my lips;
I may be going to hell,
But at least he ain't going to heaven...
Then in a blur the EMS came-
-and took my body away.
I watched as they failed at trying-
-to bring me back to life.
I was a hopeless cause,
But hadn't I always been?
My fath

Suicide, overcome the pain.
I felt it in my chest,
How he was falling.
That his feelings for me-
-where slowly dying.
It made me feel hollow,
Broken and so desperate-
-to fix what he was breaking.
Weren't we special?
Wasn't our love going to-
-reach the mountain tops?
Because it was real,
Because we were truly in love.
But you filled my head,
My heart.
With a beautiful image-
of our future together.
Only to tear them apart.
So you pushed me away,
And didn't care that I was being torn.
And for once I tilted my head,
and looked to end it all.
Suicide, that was the answer,
The answer to ending this ache inside.
You were letting go of me,
So I needed to let go of life....
A walk in a daze,
My dog at my side.
And in the silence,
I thought of my life.
Of the people who loved me;
Of the pets I couldn't leave,
And how God would grieve.
How selfish would I be?
If I killed myself
and left them to clean it up?
The pain I'd inflect on them,
The lives I'd ruin.
Just because one person lied to me,
That one person didn't truly
Call your name.
You never said it would be this hard.
Love is meant to be forever,
now or never seems to discard.
You still don't know how much I loved you,
How I wanted us to work.
To get married and have babies,
But I made a mistake, which left me empty...
Baby did you ever know how much I needed you?
How I called your name at night?
Girl I wish you could forgive me,
How I need to take you in my arms again.
Hell it's just to hard to fight this pride,
I can't tell you what I did wrong.
'Cause I'm scared you'd hate me,
So I left you instead, without a word or letter.
Am I the problem for your broken heart?
Babygirl don't cry no more.
I know you love me, but I'm so unworthy,
Can't you see the tears I shed?
How bloody sorry I truly am?
How I want to hold you and kiss you,
Oh babygirl I still want you.
Can you hear me when I call your name?
Is there a way I can share what's on my heart,
without leaving these crimson scars?
Love I want you back,
But this pain is leaving us broken.
Oh can you hear me when
Collide and Disappear
They clashed like wolves,
Fighting as fierce as lions.
It scared me to see it,
Two great creatures of light.
At each others throats,
Seeking each others lives.
Colliding in battle,
Claws locked,
Fangs bared.
I watched in horror,
Like a frightened little girl.
Helpless to stop those that I loved,
From the evil dwelling inside them.
I cried out, hoping they'd hear my voice.
Praying they'd sense my despair,
I bowed, tears spilling to the ground.
I lifted my head,
There they stood,
Staring down at me.
A mountain of a lion,
A cloud of a wolf.
So strong and fearless,
Blood covered.
As our eyes met,
I saw it so clear.
They were I,
A part of me.
Fighting within my very being,
Asking for my life.
Then in a flash,
They Disappeared,
Gone, where they left me.
I was born with this limp,
Had to put my leg in a cage.
These bars surrounding the skin,
Made up who I am.
I wanted to play with the other kids.
Baseball and other fun games,
But they'd mock me.
They'd hurt me,
They made me this ugly outcast.
I became an outsider,
Cold to the world.
Alone within my heart,
Nothing mattered anymore.
I was locked to this life,
Without my consent.
I hated it,
Because it first hated me.
When you came into my life,
You thought you could fix me.
Told me you loved me, cages and all.
You deemed me something broken,
That just needed a little work to be whole again.
So you focused on me,
The way no one else ever had before.
You seemed like you sincerely cared,
Until he came along and threw the first word.
I watched you, as you hung your head,
To afraid to to stand up for me.
To scared to defend what I was.
And as you left with him,
I realized this is what I always will be.
An outsider, an outcast,
Lost to this world.
HOPEHere I stand in the darkness,
Praying for the strength to carry on.
Fear shakes me to the core,
Rockin' me back and forth.
Like a boat upon the ocean.
Oh how I want to give up,
To fall down and let the hopelessness-
take over from all sides.
I want to bow my head in defeat,
And forget about the dreams I had.
Prayer seeps through my lips,
To a Father I'd never known-
but had been told about.
I cry out to Him,
To save me, to fill me.
And in the midst of that moment,
The darkness had disappeared.
Enough was this feeling of gloom,
But now was this strength that was ever so strong.
It overwhelmed me, and consumed me,
It brought me to my feet.
And a song sprung from my mouth,
In a Glorious Praise to an Almighty King,
For this hope was my lead.
Angel, Fallen         Angel:
Light, but a dream dreamt.
Healing, is a feeling felt.
Hope, a future to be brought.
Faith, holding onto something to be held.
Love, enough to wash away all wrongs.
God, a Father to the Fatherless.
Darkness, but a nightmare in the night.
Suffering, is pain forever and ever.
Hopelessness, a past never to be forgotten.
Fear, a haunting to be feared.
Hate, enough to kill the greatest of men.
Satan, a stalker to the weak.
In the light of truth,
Stepping in the shine of Holiness.
Seeing what His love can bring,
Serving Him forever and ever.
Not as His slave,
But He is my Master.
Walking in the shadow of His wing,
To live.
Hidden in the dark of lies,
Cowering in the
Savior.Starting was always the hardest,
Around the beginning is when most will quit.
Victory was just a second away,
I fought the good fight.
Oh how I kept on believing,
Receiving the love of Christ.
Pancake batter.Silly laughs,
And grabs of giggles.
As I watch your face,
Go from grumpy,
Simply to happy.
Because I blew a kiss to you.
I heard those words.
Like a vapor of wind,
Blowing across my heart.
Skippin' steps,
And bouncin' balls.
I'm caught up in you,
As you speak,
'I love you.'
Slappin' pancakes,
On the ground.
Huffed signs,
Turned to faked frowns.
From pancake batter,
On your nose,
To pancake batter,
In my toes.
Playin' chase,
In a messy kitchen.
Slippin' on egg shells,
Into your arms that smell.
Year to come        People who've changed- in a time of sorrow.
          Darkness that sets a void between us all
                Love that died with so many lies.
            Well life blossomed among new friends,
                           Hope gone astray.
              But faith strengthened with the trials.
                     A year of pain slipping away,
              With dreams of a bette


Photography 2010:

At the studio, working. by Christianonfire7No picturez mama. by Christianonfire7 My turn to watch TV. by Christianonfire7 Up close and Personal by Christianonfire7 Bandana dog. by Christianonfire7 Melt on contact. by Christianonfire7 Beauty in the Star by Christianonfire7 Glory that fills the earth by Christianonfire7 Proud mother by Christianonfire7 Just hangin around. by Christianonfire7 Do you feel alive?
Is it the beating in your heart?
The sweet taste of freedom,
Or maybe the gentleness of love?
Or is it when you see the birth of new life,
Smiles shown on those faces.
Does any of it make you feel alive?
Is it jumping from a cliff into water,
Getting tossed from a giant bull,
Feeling the earth shake beneath you,
Or standing in a hurricane?
Does the wild side of life bring you excitement?
Does it make you feel alive?
Is it the gentle flow of rushing water,
A breeze blowing through your hair,
A soft lick from a dog's tongue,
Or maybe the setting of the sun,
Do they make you feel -
- so utterly complete?
So amazingly alive?
Squirrel 1, youz want me? by Christianonfire7 See my teeth? by Christianonfire7Squirrel 2, Wez friendz now? by Christianonfire7 My ID by Christianonfire7 Love is within his gaze. by Christianonfire7 Brothers for life. by Christianonfire7 Give grace. by Christianonfire7 Dont cross the line by Christianonfire7 Look within. by Christianonfire7 I got the world in my hands by Christianonfire7 Its mine mama by Christianonfire7 Aya captain by Christianonfire7 My guitar by Christianonfire7 To be what I am by Christianonfire7 Dancing water by Christianonfire7 A slice of fire. by Christianonfire7 Forever We Will Serve. by Christianonfire7 The nameless Fireman by Christianonfire7 The light shines on by Christianonfire7 Butterfly, this life gone by Christianonfire7 A run along the beach by Christianonfire7 Shell on the shore by Christianonfire7Fish glare by Christianonfire7Beach dog by Christianonfire7 What dis mama? by Christianonfire7 Within the water by Christianonfire7 Trotting away by Christianonfire7 Listen to the waves by Christianonfire7 The light seen through by Christianonfire7 What's beyond the creek? Sepia by Christianonfire7 They stand together. by Christianonfire7


Gasps, I see Jesus -lolcat- by Christianonfire7


By the end of 2010 life was my canvas (both poetically and photography)  and for me to see something was for me to be inspired in one way or another. And that continued throughout 2011 and 2012. In 2011 I widened my range of poetry, I started writing Six Word Stories and Acrostic poems, along with some other stuff, I even wrote a Script in October. I kept wanting to grow as much as possible and in my mind that meant trying as many new styles as possible. Also in Mid October I noticed a few people (and one of the groups I’m in) mention National Novel Writing Month. Curious what it was I was enlightened by the idea of writing a novel in a months time. So accepting the challenge I wrote the novel that had been swimming around in my head since the summer of 2007. And in the month of November of 2011 my novel ‘Beauty from Ashes’ was turned from ‘ideas’ swimming in the depths of my mind to actual words on a page.…


Poetry 2011:

Message to the pastThe year is 2030, and if your reading this then my theory is true.
Everything has changed since 2011, the year you now live in.
Chaos broke out years ago, and not many were sane enough to fight.
They died early on, but I, with some others, pressed on to withstand it.
Hell, it was never easy, gone countless of days hungry, starving with madness.
But the machines kept us moving nonstop, if we lag we die, simple as that.
It was our own fault though, back in 2020 we built a machine that'd be unstoppable.
Hoping it'd get rid of all our enemies, but the machine overruled us, took over, and multiplied.
They grew stronger with each passing day, and we couldn't destroy them, 'cause we made it all powerful.
I'm writing you now to beg you to stop the chaos before it starts.
Don't trust in those man made weapons, because they'll take over, they'll destroy our race.
And the world you now live in will fall to pieces.
I beg you, don't go down this road, because you are our last hope.
Ghost on the tracks
His nightly walk- takes him through the graveyard.
A small cloak slung over his massive shoulders,
Burdens of guilt and shame a weight upon his back.
He moves like a phantom in the darkness, unseen but living,
No one knows where he came from, no one knows where he's going.
And once in a solid moon -if you look at the train tracks,
You can see him walking alone, a ghost in our own eyes.
TonightWalking with his head down- gaze fixed on the ground.
Another day to survive- on the streets he calls his home.
He fights for his spot- in a dark alley at night.
Where he covers himself with a cardboard box- and begs the rain to stop.
People pass him by- with upturned noses and scornful glances.
They don't understand- the story that led him to this place.
PL: ForeverHis arm was always a shield around me,
Protecting me from each fall I'd take.
Holding me, loving me with no end,
I was comfortable whenever I was with Him.
The way He spoke to me was a sensation,
His gentle touch to my cheek lit me up inside.
And even when I tried I couldn't help but blush,
His charm was ever so sincere.
He taught me things no one could explain.
Had I not endured each moment with Him,
He'd be nothing but a memory, gone like a ghost.
But like a ghost he appeared to me,
In the late of night when no one would know.
When I felt helpless and alone,
He'd be there in a blink.
To hold me up no matter what,
To love me forever more.
ArrivalHis arrival was her last day. Broken manI've fought my battles- earning these ugly scars.
I've killed men- shot some between the eyes.
Pulled injured comrades off the field,
Gaining respect from them all.
But they don't see the demons I live with,
Imps of hell filling my dreams.
The torment that greets me at night.
Had I not fought in that war,
I'd be whole and not a broken man.
SWS: BullyingHis cursed life ends in bullying. Empty                               'Ruined is life.... forever forgotten.... empty....'
Perfect hero.He reached to me- like I was his Savior.
He laid all hope in me- expecting I wouldn't fail him.
He believed so heartedly in me- thinking I wouldn't let him down.
He had faith so purely in me- seeing no faults in who I was.
He loved me- believing I'd never break his heart.
Now he lay in the ground- wails coming from all around.
Because I wasn't strong- I couldn't save him like he believed.
He was gone- laying in a bed of crimson roses,
All because he thought I could be- his perfect hero.
Life punishment"Why did you do it?" The voice didn't crack as the man leaned against the table.
"I had my reason," I pause a second to meet the fellow's gaze straight on. "I did it for my little brother, he didn't deserve to be taken like that." My eyes flare as I think back to the time the boy had been taken away, three years ago.
"I couldn't go another day without trying something else to find him, and this was what came to mind." Leaning back in the chair I rake my hand through my hair. "It's your fault for not finding him sooner, you had the man power but didn't try hard enough."
A blaze of anger rose in my voice. My blue eyes raging like a sea being turned over by a storm.
"If I didn't kill that Officer you never would have looked." I am cut off by the intense look that sparks in the Interrogator's dark eyes, a smirk lifts my lips.
Good I struck a nerve.
"You are an idiot! You will be going to prison for years now because of what you did, and what good does that do for your brother? He will stil
Slave girlWithin a blink- I was at his side,
Ready to do whatever he asked of me.
To fill his glass or saddle his steed,
Though I was only a maid in his sight.
Doing my job, my assignment to him,
But to me I tended him unselfishly.
Love within my very actions,
In hopes, of winning the Prince's heart someday.
But is this just a Slave girl's dream?
PL: Within this lifeA sound of beauty,
Entering in through those doors.
Laughter and giggles,
Skipping and dancing.
Arms wiggling, reaching out to me,
A swing of love, cradled against my chest.
A comfort zone I've known to rest,
A comfort in love I can't live without.
For I'm finally at ease within myself.
Soaring like an eagle,
Effortless on the winds.
Soundless, peaceful, comfortable,
A sense of wonder in the air.
Guiding me to the Promise-land.
Feet bracing these soft blades of grass,
A warm breeze of life.
A summer's sun beaming down,
Touching a pink glow to my cheeks.
As He heads towards me,
A flare of color, a blushing ray,
Love is on the way.
His arm was always a shield around me,
Protecting me from each fall I'd take.
Holding me, loving me with no end,
I was comfortable whenever I was with Him.
The way He spoke to me was a sensation,
His gentle touch to my cheek lit me up inside.
And even when I tried I couldn't help but blush,
His charm was ever so sincere.
He taught me things no one could explai
A sad tell.Sobs broke free
'...Put her down.'
Her Golden Wings*Slowly the sound of a guitar fills the air*
She was born to a fallen world,
With made up games and dirty rules.
She tried so hard to flip the right cards,
Falling so short of a Royal flush.
Her procaine heart shattering to pieces.
*The strings of the guitar begin getting worked faster, making its sound echo louder*
She gave it her best, offering him her heart,
Suffering, time and again at his hands.
Where the smile feels so very fake,
But she works it for the crowd.
Hoping to believe, to make him see,
Her amazing heart,
Of the pureness and love she has to give.
*The guitar softening again, staying like that for a few moments before increasing in tone.*
He wont see, nor will he ever believe,
That what he has in his hands, is an Angel.
An Angel.
Ripping her precious golden wings apart,
Draining her blood in the dirt.
Leaving her there, alone in the darkness,
The fallen wrapping their claws around her.
*The sound of the instrument fades softly*
A hand reaches
I'd never be missed*Strokes of the guitar begin to fill the air.*
His promises came easier than breathing,
But never could he keep a single one.
Ohhh, how I held onto the faith in him,
Letting this compassion... letting this love
Lead me to forgiveness, time and again...
Pushing, forcing, longing for him to hold me,
But he always left me in the freezing cold.
Bit by bit my heart tearing...
Though I tried even as I cried,
To be his everything, -his everything...
And I still remember.
How this heart bled on the floor,
On the day he walked out the door.
My pride kept me in my place,
Wishing he'd change his mind,
But he'd never look back..

I'd never be missed.
Huge collab'Shining like the Heavenly stars above,
I look to them for support in hardship,
All those constellations, even though I don't know their names
Their identities are unknown to me, but they guide me through this surreal land.
To light the way to God's Glory, :
To pick me up then I fall down, to light the way when night closes in,
As my dreams become His, and we walk together to them,
How can I explain such a phenomenon?
'Like lightning flashing in the night,
The love for my Savior burns with an insatiable light.
How can I keep this flame of love alive in my heart?
When it feels the world has turned its back,
Only God's strength can keep me here,
Holy Spirit come and abide,
I will wait until the sun shines bright,
No matter how far down the road may take me,
At my journeys end, I can now see the breaking of the dawn.
PurityPerhaps holding so firmly has its faults,
Though we must all believe in something.
Something to hold onto, to grip with our lives,
No matter what it is, we don't waver from it.
Even when others try to tear us from our path.
Unlike those that steal the innocence,
Those that take the essence of another.
To rip it apart and burn it to the dust
We try to believe in something bigger than that,
To help one another in times of need.
Rings of promise circled around a finger,
Silver and small to protect the selected skin.
Not bound in a humanly marriage,
But bound to a promise stronger than life.
To stay within God's law until the right time.
Ignorance is often clouded in their minds,
As if nothing so Big as God can truly exist.
But how so can the wind truly exist if He can't?
They are the same in many ways,
Evident to everyone who simply listens and feels.
To what effect do our beliefs truly reign?
Catching the ear of a passer by,
Or the stranger seeing the l
Velvet lipsMmmm.
The stars had never shone so brightly,
Like on that day you held my hand.
How our eyes had locked in a moment filled with bliss,
A caress from those tender fingers of yours, burning my skin.
You leaned down to let your breath tickle my lips,
Passion flashing in those darkened depths.
Then the magic sparked to life,
As velvet lips locked together in that beautiful kiss.
A thousand years had never been so clear,
With skin mingling to become one.
Laid in a bed of innocent love,
We held on to each other so tightly.
Whispering of a promised future together,
And in those sounding words.
You told me you'd never felt so free-
never felt you could share so much with someone
Until the day you'd mat me,.
Never before could you trust anyone with your heart,
Then that magic sparked to life,
As velvet lips locked together in that beautiful kiss.
Lilies rested on sheets of white,
Pain had never been so raw inside.
Like that day I took your hand,
and shared the news of a lost child.
The tears we
Battle cries*Battle's chaos*
'Don't.... Emily... Fight girl!
Our fellow man...Change was what we always wanted
Outraged cries and evil intent is what we got
Used to be everyone would help the fallen man
Right now the onlooker films his dying breath
All we do is raise some hell and watch the innocent burn
God, when did the American people become so heartless?
Everyone is too afraid, when what we need is Courage to be seen
Courage when our fellow man is shot down
On his dying breath we should kneel by his side
Must we just pass him by on our way home?
Perhaps we no longer feel that need to 'stand together'
At least what means do we really have not to help?
Selfishness, to think only of yourselves
Selfishness, to walk on by as he breathes his last breath
Instead of surrounded by loved ones, cold concrete is his companion
Oh, what have we really become in this age?
No longer standing together or showing Compassion....
Long ago,
Left behind
'Howling', why did they leave me?
Limitations.'Reality within space, though the heart has no limit, even when our limitations stretch wide. Light and darkness.Silence surrounds us.
Brick walls to keep us imprisoned,
Blocked out from any source of light.
Demons attacking from the utter darkness,
Tearing at us, trying to kill our spirits.
Continually they come, with claws against flesh...
God I pray to You,
Begging for forgiveness.
In our dying hour we cry for You,
As we hit the ground, with bodies bleeding.
These ugly creatures upon us, wanting our souls,
We cry, we cry, we cry for You.
In a flash like Lightning You came,
With a wave of Your hand the creatures tremble.
They beg You not to harm them,
But Your Light, Your Holiness burns them.
They flee into the darkness they came from,
As You come to us and lift us up.
You mend the wounds and heal the scars,
"You are Forgiven.'
With that Saving Grace we are made new,
In the Glorious Splendor of Your Light.
One yearOne year he lived.
   Just one....
AloneWe went together.
He died alone
HardshipBlood rushing, booming, raging,
Pounding in his head every second.
Of every day that he watched her walk away.
He held her tight at night, praying his love
Would be enough to keep her in his arms.
But each morning she arose to leave him lonely,
He gave her his all whenever she was around.
She gave none in return of his affection,
She was practiced, skilled, empty to the core.
She could wrap her finger around any man,
Control them, lead them into her bed,
To leave them, [him] wanting more.
Needing more of her taste and touch,
But [he] would never tame the beast that roamed.
For within her heart was the coldness of steel,
Though the hardship he suffered was worth loving [her].
I give upI give up Lord.
I've fallen so far down,
That I can't see any other way out.
But through You, and only You, Father.
I'm hopeless with despair.
Trying to hold onto my faith,
to hold onto my mind, my life...
You are the only answer,
The only way out of this mess.
So I give up, I give all I have left,
All of me is Yours alone.
For You are the one who can
heal my brokenness.
Only You can take my emptiness
and can fill me up again.
Father, I give up.

Peace is possible    To                                       Peace
       reach                            for
              such                 work
                 goals          we  
                       is       if  
(this piece was featured in the ‘Symbols of Peace’ movie that went around to different Film Festivals.) Entertain me'Entertain me girl,
with your [ screams! ] '
A Cripple Soldier( Part one )
The last thing he held was this weapon in his hand.
With gun fire as his melody
In their flashes it all flared to life.
Blood spilling from his blown off arms,
It seemed to him that death was at his door,
But to him mercy wasn't so sure.
( Part two )
Waking had never been so painful.
To sit up was more effort than worth taking.
When before he was a man of iron,
Nothing could break him down.
But now, he lay crippled and alone,
Fighting for the will to survive.

Speaking with God"Why did you cheat on me? Was I not faithful and true to you? Did I not love you with an everlasting love?"
"My Love, My Love, how have I done this to You? I've stayed pure for You, I've done all that I've could to obey Your commands, please, my Love, tell me what have I done?"
"You've looked upon his lust and desire My Beloved, you have set your sights upon another, that you find little time to think about Me, your Husband, you close your eyes to the glorious gifts of love I have showered you with. Your precious heart and mind have swayed to cheat on me."
"Oh, my Love, forgive me of my wicked heart! Forgive me of this sin I have wronged You with, for You are the stars, the moon and the sun among my skies, You have breathed in me, You love me with this everlasting love. I am sorry for what I have done my Love!"
"My Beloved, you are forgiven."
Memories long goneIt fades....
Deeper and deeper and deeper...
With each passing day that floats by,
These memories we once shared,
The things we did to make each other laugh
The simple comfort of your embrace
Is disappearing from my mind.
Into a dark cave no one is allowed to enter
Not even me...
And it fades....and
fades.... until nothing is left....
Nostalgia                           It's been ten years to the day,
              Since the iron man I once knew passed away.
                     This terrible realization has come alive; 
        That the sound of his strong voice has become so distant,        
                            [nearly forgotten]                                     
              As a child he was my idol, he was my everything;
BURNEDBurned.... burned... burned....
Had the Name been clear then,
Blood wouldn't be seeping from these ears,
Dead with the stench of rotting flesh.
Utter darkness eclipsed from sight,
Breathing was hard and forced with lack of air.
Eyes flashing to every corner,
Watching the shadows crawl along the ground.
Ripping flesh from bloodied bones,
Gasping from terror and yells of pain.
Steam rising to eat me alive,
Suffocating from heat and dehydration.
Never had I dreamed, or dare believe,
That a place like this could really exist.
Fire ablaze like trees in a jungle,
Screams from other tortured souls echoing.
End it, end it, just end this suffering.
Had I seen the truth before, I wouldn't be here,
But I was mistaken, was deceived by everyone else.
I should have listened just once, to His saving Grace.
Dead; boiling in a pot of human skulls,
It was too late to call out His name.
As the devil sends his hellhounds to get me,
I cried, screamed, whiled, begge
Between dream and nightmareShe was locked in the past,
In a dream of what once was,
And the nightmare of what will never be again.

She often dreamed of her first day at school,
With her mommy holding her hand.
How that gentle voice was speaking,
Always sounding so clear and calm.
'There's nothing to fear my dear,
It'll be over before it truly begins.'
Those words were everything she needed,
To put the brave face on and walk in.
To find out later, that mommy wasn't coming back.
That on her way from work,
Another car smashed into her side.
How the little girl was left waiting,
Left crying, left praying.
That the dream could've stopped there,
Had she known then what the pain caused now.
She would've gripped her mother's hand tighter,
Would've fought and complained louder,
Before that dream could've become this nightmare.
Even more often she dreamed a dream so sweet,
Of how she met her husband and how their love grew.
How forever seemed so clear in those blue eyes,
She could even still feel his strong hands,
Live and not dieI can't imagine what you must've gone through,
that would make you decide to fly away like this.
Was the suffering you felt worse than the love I gave?
When one night you looked so normal, holding my hand,
With silent laughter filling the air around us.
How come I didn't notice that distant look in your eyes?
I cry myself to sleep every night now.
because the pillow on the other side of the bed-
is empty and cold from the absence of you.
The exact way my heart is, because you were its beat.
You kept the fire in me alive and burning.
But now this vessel is like a sinking ship- too far gone.
Wherever you dwell can you see how you destroyed me?
Is the freedom from this life worth the pain you left behind?
Life is no longer worth bearing-
Because air isn't worth breathing without you;
The escape you took is just as tempting.
Had love been gone from our lives,
than maybe it'd all make better sense.
But only the jump seems to lure me in.
Baby, meet me wherever we go.
'God take this

A forest of trees stretch on all sides of a steep grassy hill. The wind blows through the trees, echoing a whistle across the dark starry night. A lone owl hovers overhead a few seconds before disappearing into the thicket beyond the branches.
Sarah (16) stirs in the saddle of a large black sleet stallion horse. He neighs restlessly and paws at the ground but holds his position on the height of the hill, alert.
Suddenly a horse and rider trots forward from the shadowed trail until the moonlit sky brings them into light. The horse climbs effortlessly up the hill and halts next to the black steed.
"Took you long enough!"
"I had to baby sit Misty for my parents while they went out, I got here as soon as they returned."
Crystal (15) rests her hands on the horn of the saddle, her body leaning forward as she meets eyes with her friend.
"Are you ready for this adventure?"
Laughter escapes Sarah.
BetrayedThere was something about that day that stood out to me more than any other, because in-spite of myself I believed your God awful lie until then and I wasn't even a bit mad at you once I knew the truth.
It was November twenty-second 2010, I had been working all day with one client after another, multiple photo shoots that were more tiring on me than humanly possible.
I was beat and all I wanted was to come home to be with you, I was completely and utterly fooled that you'd be there for me.
When I arrived at your apartment you were, how do I say, angry that I hadn't called first.
That confused me, hurt me, nearly ripped me apart inside. All I needed was you and you were mad at the fact, I didn't try to push myself on you though, I simply turned, exhausted and left like you wanted.
But I wasn't blinded in-spite of how defeated I felt, 'she' was in your apartment, and you hadn't even tried to hide her boney legged form from my sight. I could even briefly see her smug face th
Velvet softVelvet soft;
Like a tone of many colors
You spoke against my hair.
Had I been trapped in a dream
This glorious delusion would've died.
Your hand graced my cheek,
Your coal eyes piercing me to the heart;
Silence, your breath, your smile… killing me....
Here you remain, burning in my memory.
Dear Jamie'Dear Jamie;'
Stay strong.
' From Jamie'


Photography 2011:

Walking on water by Christianonfire7Toy soldier by Christianonfire7 I love you bud by Christianonfire7 Peaceful sleeps by Christianonfire7 How about this pose mama? by Christianonfire7 Her Beauty by Christianonfire7 Me and them by Christianonfire7 Noble snow dog by Christianonfire7 Feelings of love by Christianonfire7 Love of a sibling. by Christianonfire7 Sir Lover by Christianonfire7 Cat and the Hound by Christianonfire7 I'll watch out for you by Christianonfire7 Gab in sepia by Christianonfire7 Summer Night Moos by Christianonfire7New ID by Christianonfire7

No worries, I'm here by Christianonfire7

Novel winner by Christianonfire7


With 2012 came more poems, more prose, more six word stories, more words spewing out of me like a stream spewing into a river. (STUPID LINE) And more new stuff as well. I began writing ‘Letters’.  During April I accepted the National Poetry Writing Month challenge and spent the month writing a poem a day.  I even tried my hand at writing something ‘erotic’. And I tried (and failed) at doing Flash Fiction Month, I didn’t get all 30 pieces done but I was close.

During the summer of 2012 I entered The joy of spring by Christianonfire7 to the Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue 2013 calendar, which ended up getting the front cover. A couple months later I entered this same picture to the very first ‘Pup Mosaic’ contest, and he won that as well. Being the winner I got a 16’ by 18’ Mosaic of this picture.  


During this year I also met one of my best friend’s SurrealCachinnation, we didn’t instantly become close. We started seeing each other around a couple groups we were in and I was always drawn in by her. We eventually started talking, and I quickly learned she was one of the most sincerest, honest to God amazing people. At the time she was an atheist, and to this day the only atheist I have ever met that actually lived up to the meaning. She didn’t believe in God. But unlike most atheists I come across, she didn’t bash Christians or try to disprove of a God she so called didn’t believe in. She simply didn’t believe and never bashed anyone for believing. And this again drew me in. I have come to respect Kaelyn more than words can explain, even when we don’t agree on certain issues we love each other. (On a quick sidenote, during our time knowing each other she went from atheist, to agnostic to Christian.) I truly have not meat a more loving person, if you don’t know her yet here on dA that seriously has to change! Not only is she truly amazing but she is a gifted writer as well!


Again I accepted the challenge in November of NaNoWriMo and wrote my second novel ‘Beyond the Field.’ Which was my dad’s favorite of my three……


Poetry 2012:

FaithFear in the face of turmoil
A mountain of doubt upon our shoulders
In the belly of the whale we see
The light of hope He perceives
He brings faith in the face of fear
Fly up into the big blue'Fly, fly up into the big blue sky.
Let them all know we're all still alive.'

I was once told a long long time ago that if I believed, then I could reach my biggest dream.
So I packed my bag and searched far and wide to the source of my dream keeper. I knocked on many doors and received many more laughing replies. Because they all thought I was crazy, nuts, stupid, that my dream was an impossible diamond to catch.
But what do they know?
My quest was worth it.
Along the highest mountains I sought it out, along the widest oceans and the deepest volcanos. No place, nowhere was too scary or beyond my reach. From city to city, town to town, village to village, from house to house. I did it all, not leaving a single rock upturned. I breathed it all in, trying to learn, to come closer to what I needed and wanted.
Years, many many years have past since then and not until five decades of searching did I realize that what I dreamed, what I had been seeking I had become, the reality of my
Daring to dreamDaring, Daring, Daring.
This dream was a trap, lost was to be my soul.
But I crept into this darkness,
To this lost chamber of my mind.
I sought it out, to grasp onto this lack of reality.
They didn't understand;
Simply thought I was losing my mind.
Maybe, just maybe I really was.
Though at least I was finding myself.
The me who was engulfed...locked inside myself.
They said I was turning into the dark hollows.
But, to tell you the truth, I was embracing the light.
By daring to dream.
Worth fighting forYou once told me
'If you believe then fight.'
I didn't think anything was worth believing in,
Nothing was worth fighting for, not with my life.
But the more time I spent with you, I learned…I saw
That believing was beyond the normal, it was beyond extraordinary.
Not just because it was you believing, or fighting for a cause.
But because you were the one who left it to no one else to fight.
You fought for something that I didn't…couldn't understand.
You made me, in time, grasp the concept of what was worth fighting for.
'Freedom' you once said was worth dying for, was worth giving up everything for.
Even me, your most beloved.
Not because I was worth nothing to you, but on the contrary
I meant more to you than anything on this planet.
For you died for Freedom,
You wanted me to have true Freedom.
That was worth fighting for, to you.
And now, because of you, I believe too.
Secret ValentineHis eyes…
Those captivating orbs…
Why can't he understand?
Why won't he see?
That the color of my dreams,
Are as dark as his chocolate eyes.
Am I just a statue?
Lying to everyone but myself.
Even him,
He is the ache within my heart.
Can't he see the way I smile for him?
The way my heart pounds only for him?
Pitter…pitter…patter…pitter patter...
My heart is beating, it is pounding,
Pounding for you, my secret Valentines.
Sing to me little birdSing to me little bird,
Sing a song no one could flee.
Make the young and old cry,
While you fly ever so high.
Dance for me little bird,
Dance a step no one could mirror.
Make the Heavens stand in wonder.
Could one be as graceful as you little bird?
Little bird did indeed sing a song,
Little bird did indeed dance to a tune.
Little bird flew so high we could no longer see,
Into the endless blue the little bird is now set free.
MajorGeneralWhiskers approved.
It was a devious plan,
if I do say so myself.
Taking your dear little Fella,
it was as easy as catching mice.
Which, he does happen to remind me of.
But he isn't has sneaky as a snake,
Like myself, who no one can catch.
My army of cats will soon take over,
then Deviantart will be all mine.
And you, each of you, will be my art slaves!
MajorGeneralWhiskers approved!
Racist glareJust one strike and the match is aflame.
Why do we cry in such acted pain?
You say you care, but really it's merely fear.
Young man walks in a black hoodie,
Gunned down like a rabid dog at night.
You say you care, but really it's him you fear.
He wasn't to blame, he didn't pull the trigger.
You say it was him; but with such hated words.
You shot the first round, with that racist glare.
Beautiful loveLike silk to my touch is your soft hair,
Gentle and slow are my strokes of love.
When you rest your head into my chest,
Can you hear the pounding of my heart?
Taste the splendor of this love we share?
While you sleep in the crook of my arm,
I silently watch the way your hair falls,
Covering those precious green eyes.
Do you know how much you melt me?
Can you see my sincerity shining inside?
For if you doubt me even just a little,
Take my hand and I'll lead you to Heaven.
To a place where all is golden-
-the one true match to all your beauty.

Then you'll know just how much I love you.
Suicide vs Christ'I can't do it anymore!
They say such mean things.
I can no longer breathe with this pain.
I'm gasping and choking and vomiting.
God, why can't they just stop?
Can't they just accept...
Accept that I love another man?'
'Life is cruel, but I am your freedom.
Taste the lavender of my beauty.
I am flawless, I am kind.
Sink your teeth deeply into my bones.
Run your drying tongue against my neck.
Feed on the power that I offer your pain.'

'They hear but they do not see;
the breaking of my tender heart.
Am I grounded from love?
Is society so one minded?
I have no answers, but so many questions.
I long... so desperately long for the truth.'
'I can feed you lies so delicious-
That lemon-cream pie would taste tasteless.
You will come away full and content.
With the touch of my burning skin.
Just take my crooked fingers,
Follow my violent lead to this solution.'

'I stare into the empty spaces.
Only one solution screaming in my ear.
I feel my heart bleeding, signing, crying.
I'm gas
Heartless Warrior'Yesterday I died; tomorrow is bleeding'
Stepping onto the battlefield.
Men rush forward with edger glances,
Fingers twitching over stainless triggers.
Searching for their first victim,
Ready to take the life of another. (for what?)
They suddenly stare the enemy in the eyes.
The hatred and questions flashing to life.
Gun shots rattle off from all around.
Pulsing blood spreads across the ground.
Shocked and in panic the eagerness soars away.
They turn to run, to flee, but freedom is gone.
They stand in the maze of bodies.
Feeling the terror from their comrades.
Fear streaming from the screaming trees.
The air piercing with the sound of the dying.
Men are made into children once again,
Crying in the meadow of the shadow of death.
Winners never stand to grieve the losses,
Never count the heads of the dead.
Stolen lives they walk on by.
No second glance, no shake of the head.
Tears will not be shed for their sacrifice.
The fallen rot in the ditches of the battlefield.
They fought fo
Are you there? "Are you there? Are you there?"
Eight times, his voice low and raspy.
I closed my eyes to listen to the rings.
{continually going off}
"Are you there? Are you there? Are you there?"
But I could not move, I just stared into the emptiness.
"Are you there? Are you there? Are you there?"
His voice broke off to absolute silence.
To this day, eleven long suffering years later-
I regret not picking up that old phone.
To hear my father's(your) last words of love.
I was so scared, as the answering machine took over.
I could have given you comfort in your final seconds.
Instead, I left you alone in that collapsing building.
To die a horrid death, falling to your infinite doom.
Father… please forgive me….
Like ice cream cakesHe told me he was good,
Good like ice cream cakes-
On a summer Sunday.
I thought he was silly,
Like a duck-tailed platypus swimming.
And then he turned stone-cold,
Like an English Guard standing-
-in front of the Queen's castle.
I thought he was perfect, lively
But like a concrete wall he stood.
Motionless, a cow carcass in the fall.
He once tasted like apple-pie,
Sweet with cinnamon, oh so divine.
Fresh in spring, with rain still fallin',
He was enriching like these moist drops,
Comforting like the flowers fragrance.
And then he turned dead to the world,
A dying tree in the midst of winter.
Covered in blankets of heavy snow,
Ohh, how hollow, how empty he became.
Arms crossed, eyes set away.
To me, he was now forever gone.
BelieveBalance is in the scale of life,
We zone in on the things that mean nothing.
Locked in the flow of pointlessness,
Where honesty is forever lost in the past.
Eight seconds, that's all we give each other;
For in the busyness of life, no one else matters.
We steal from the poor, caring not of how they survive.
Hunger is for the weak, yet the strong die at their side.
Love was once an emotion freely given,
But now it is rotting in the dust of memory.
Anger is the fuel that drives us all on.
No one remembers, yet none can truly forget.
In the heat of every moment we come alive,
Like cooled embers rattled in the ashes.
They, this silent enemy, makes us burn.
Burn to the beginning of death, to the end of us.
Everyone, father, mother, brother, sister stand enraged.
Like puppets finally snipped of their strings of lies.
We no longer fear death, for it has stared us in the eyes.
With empty souls we charge courageously into battle.
Victory rises from thes
The blood of secret lovers,
Glistening in the fire at midnight.
Delicately craved into stoned tiger-eyes.  
Fearless battle cries from a young girl;
A dying man's gasping good-byes,
Roars of anger raging in the sea of enemies.
Of the bitterness of venom's revenge,
Sweat of love kissed across burning skin,
Pomegranate juices fused with detonating bombs.
Smooth biceps against stainless steel,
A lions roughened main of splendor,
Its mere touch singed into scabs.
Forever chasing immortality.
The Sacrifice
Death must be paid, He became the sacrifice.
They laughed, they mocked as the lashes struck.
He cries in pain for the things we've done.
Could you see His love with each strike?
The way the whip ripped His flesh just for us.
Nailed to the cross, both hands, both feet.
A crown of thorns, His royal mockery.
'Crucify Him.' We yelled to the soldiers.
The cross came up for Him to hang.
We watched with contentment-
For our evil hearts to be seen.
The innocent Lamb, our sacrifice.
"Father forgive them, for they-
know not what they do."
Those were His last words,
For God to forgive us of our evil.
But why, I wonder, would He do such a deed?
With His finale breath 'It is finished.'
Darkness fell.
Thunder crashed, the earth shook.
The veil was torn in half.
People ran, people screamed.
But few stood to stare.
One soldier repented,
For he saw the Son of God.
Death could not hold Him,
Three days slipped away,
The tomb was opened,
The burial cloth lay empty.
The Son of God rose f
The Nun's Habit -collab-It was a choice I had to make,
Between serving God and loving a man.
I clothe myself from head to toe with this habit.
Teaching the young virgin generation to fear God.
Giving them a chance of a life of true service.

Some would say I look like a mourner,
clothed in flowing black cloth, veiled
from the eyes of men, hiding my body.
But the Lord can still see me
and His is the only love I require.
For it is His heart I'm vowed to.
To the human eye I'm otherworldly.
But to God, He sees deeper than the outwardly.
My sisterhood of service I pledge to Him alone.
Helping the sick, needy, widow and orphaned,

Knowing that the choice I made
was all a part of His plan for me; I serve,
and I never feel empty or alone, because
everything I do, I do for God; I know
that true beauty lies in the soul.
With a soul pure of evil and greed,
I kneel before the alter of prayer.
Lifting the sorrow and pain of others to Him.
The greatest of my services is to humbly pray.
For the damned and the
Love never fails by Christianonfire7 Caged to the abyss by Christianonfire7 NaPoWriMo sum up by Christianonfire7 Hebrews 11:6 by Christianonfire7 Sharing a coke by Christianonfire7 The Layers by Christianonfire7 Treasured tears by Christianonfire7 To you lovely Virgin by Christianonfire7 Dear young soldier by Christianonfire7 FFM 10: P.S I love you by Christianonfire7 FFM 12: The Choice by Christianonfire7 FFM 14: She lay dying... by Christianonfire7 FFM 18: Dark Monster by Christianonfire7 To my existence by Christianonfire7 FFM 3: Love affair by Christianonfire7 Wind and Fire by Christianonfire7 Living to Love by Christianonfire7 Hear her scream by Christianonfire7 Oblivion by Christianonfire7 Signed, yourself by Christianonfire7 My Bumblebee by Christianonfire7 Stop falling by Christianonfire7 Dear Jeremiah by Christianonfire7 Flightless goodbyes by Christianonfire7 Embrace me by Christianonfire7 Sanctuary by Christianonfire7 Ring a chime for me by Christianonfire7


Photography 2012: My boys by Christianonfire7 The joy of spring by Christianonfire7 Fear not the path by Christianonfire7 I see the way by Christianonfire7 You can't resist me. by Christianonfire7 Texan fans by Christianonfire7 The Royal Princess by Christianonfire7 Hey ladies by Christianonfire7 Don't forget me... by Christianonfire7 I wish.... by Christianonfire7 The end of a day by Christianonfire7 Gideon and Sophie: one last trip by Christianonfire7 A place where love remains by Christianonfire7 What I do by Christianonfire7 Mama.... by Christianonfire7 Remember by Christianonfire7 Make memories by Christianonfire7 Heros live on by Christianonfire7 AGSR Calendar cover by Christianonfire7AGSR 2013 calendar front by Christianonfire7 AGSR 2013 calendar back by Christianonfire7 Gideon mosaic by Christianonfire7


With 2013 came yet another challenge, the Glory-Be Project. That challenged writers to write a poem (or quote/prose/etc) everyday of 2013. A piece a day. Though I didn’t write one EVERY day, I got pretty dang close. I think I only missed a month and a half total. Not bad considering how my life was going. (For a couple days I slept in our ol’ blue truck with my parents, bro and animals, and my dad, Gideon and I continued to sleep another five days in the truck.) Needless to say 2013 was challenging. But I kept penning out words to a page  (for real, I wrote most of the poems on paper and still haven’t found the time to post many on here.) So though on dA it doesn’t look like I did much writing, but on the contrary I wrote nearly every day. One of the bright points of 2013 was that I bought my first DSLR camera named Driger (Thanks entirely to Ken!) with this camera I was/am able to finally grow even more in my photography and because of this new amazing camera I joined as a volunteer photographer for the Austin German Shepherd Rescue. (which Gideon graced the calendar yet again for 2014 as the May cover boy.) Gideon also won yet another Pup Mosaic, eleven months later.  After buying my Driger I created a Photography account here on dA :icondrigerphotography:.

Also again come November I accepted the NaNoWriMo challenge and wrote yet another novel. ‘Salvation Crossing.’…


Photography 2013:

Imminent Menace by Christianonfire7 Winter love by Christianonfire7 Dear woman by Christianonfire7 Life balloon by Christianonfire7 Kryptonite by Christianonfire7 Dove by Christianonfire7 Camel by Christianonfire7 Sandcastle by Christianonfire7

Magically delicious by Christianonfire7 Queen by Christianonfire7 First love by Christianonfire7 Dear First Love by Christianonfire7 Times by Christianonfire7 Heart Glitches -c- by Christianonfire7 Sunshine and gunpowder by Christianonfire7 Confessions of a King by Christianonfire7 White and Black fire by Christianonfire7 Dear Rainbow Unicorn -C- by Christianonfire7 Autumn by Christianonfire7 A to J by Christianonfire7 Creative bunny by Christianonfire7 Broken spirit by Christianonfire7 Your laughter by Christianonfire7 Dance in the silence by Christianonfire7


Photography 2013:  Also check out :icondrigerphotography:

 Peace and Gideon by Christianonfire7 Princess Star by Christianonfire7 Ball? by Christianonfire7 I rawr by Christianonfire7 Passion by Christianonfire7 Dancing with by Christianonfire7 Brokenness by Christianonfire7 On the move by Christianonfire7 Reflect the pain by Christianonfire7 Present? by Christianonfire7 Yes you by Christianonfire7 My ball by Christianonfire7 Texans fan by Christianonfire7 Wild dog by Christianonfire7 Lovely lady by Christianonfire7 Protecter of the weak by Christianonfire7 Who am I? by Christianonfire7 The kiss by Christianonfire7 A forever love by Christianonfire7 Avery Rose. by Christianonfire7 2013 winning mosaic by Christianonfire7 Dogship by Christianonfire7


2014 has been the first year since joining Deivantart that I haven’t been completely active. I have written very little this year, partly because of last years Glory-Be project and partly because I haven’t had a whole lot of inspiration to write. I kicked this year off with a three way collaboration with the lovely SurrealCachinnation and talented TwilightPoetess


Poetry 2014:

Frozen in time -c- by Christianonfire7 Bird cage by Christianonfire7 Stolen hero by Christianonfire7 Time by Christianonfire7 Illusion by Christianonfire7 :thumb449043229: :thumb454925029: :thumb457429234: :thumb468599773:


Photography 2014: See Drigerphotography for more of my photography with my Driger camera.

:thumb433091279: :thumb441445714: :thumb441447384: :thumb444451635: :thumb451627824: :thumb453894042::thumb453895382: :thumb462808744: :thumb462812693:


The highlights of this years, off dA, I adopted a German Shepherd puppy from the Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue. I started fostering her at six weeks old on March 14th of this year. My family quickly fell in love and after having to meet one interested adopter (who saw that Esther belongs with me and decided on another, dog.) my family officially adopted Esther Radiance as a full part of the Gandy family on April 5th of this year.

On June 19th on the way home from our Live Show we stopped at a gas station to refill our five gallon water jug, and as I walked over to it out comes this TINY, SKINNY, DIRTY little five-ish week old kitten. He walked right up to me, he let me pick him up. I glanced at my dad and he smiled and simply said, ‘Yes you can.’.

So Knight Jacinth Gandy became a part of the Gandy pack.

The lowest part of my existence came of this year, of one month and two days ago.

The Special thing about Knight is that he was my dad’s VERY last gift to me before he went to Heaven. (How fitting that it would be in the form of a kitten, which he has always known my love and connection with cats has gone far and beyond anything else, aside from God. And God knew I would need Knight during what was to come.) For the two weeks my papa was in the hospital Knight was a piece of strength and love to come home to… when my papa died on July 9th of this year Knight became my comforter, my lovebug.

By far, by far and beyond this year will always be the most impacting in my life. Both in good (with Esther and Knight) and in the worst thing imaginable (my father’s death.) Though it is not a part of my dA life (in sum) but it has been a part of mine, and in every other way for the past five years my life has centered around this amazing community. For that I will always be grateful.


Also on the 26th of July I took my first Wedding photography gig, it was for my soon to be sister-in-law’s mom, so I wasn’t paid but I was able to build my portfolio.

And, before my father’s passing, I was paid twice from the Travis County Republican Party for two different events. Another thanks to Ken for making all this possible.


 Groups that have helped me grow as an artist during my time here on dA.

:iconlive-love-write::iconwriters--club: :iconsixwordstories: :iconcrphotography: :iconcanonphoto::iconglory-be-project:


Amazing people I have either come to dA with or have met along the way.

:iconislandstar::iconbumblezee::iconnoreins22::icon4givenbyhim::iconsurrealcachinnation::icontwilightpoetess::iconinemiset::icon3wyl::iconnamenotrequired: (another amazing person who has helped me learn a lot here on dA, thanks Bart!) :iconjustinderosa::iconfe-addict::iconguineapigdan:



If I for some reason missed you and you know you are one of my amazing friends or have helped me out in one way or another, let me know and I will add you to the list, because you would obviously deserve it!

I love you guys, and I LOVE Deviantart for all that it has done for me over the past six years (come the 28th of August.)



As you can tell from start to finish one thing has always been constant for me. My Faith. You can read it throughout my time here on dA. God and love, pain and sorrow. True life issues. True life answers. My message has never changed, even though I have grown and tried different things with my poetry and photography. My overall core, my overall foundation has remained firm. And even through the most impossibly hard time in my life right now, that foundation is still standing. I may hurt like no one can imagine, but I know my God is good. I may carry with me the images of my dad going into respiratory, of CPR being preformed on him, of me cradled into his lifeless body for two and a half hours, for the rest of my life. But my God is good! And I know my dad has finally reached his dreams, of being at our Savior’s feet, eager for a stroke from our King.  MY God is good.

And as long as I live, and for as long as I remain on Deviantart, I will continue to share that message!





I know this journal is super long, and if you read it all I give you a big :thumbsup:

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Amazing gifts from friends!

Must continue writing my acrostic values series.
:bulletgreen: Purity
:bulletgreen: Hope
:bulletgreen: Love/Compassion/Courage
:bulletgreen: Faith
:bulletgreen: Baby's life
:bulletgreen: Believe
:bulletgreen: Self-Control.
:bulletred: Holiness
:bulletred: Joy
:bulletred: Praise
:bulletred: Gentleness
:bulletred: Patience
:bulletred: Trust
:bulletred: Peace
:bulletred: Sacrifice

Gideon by Islandstar by the amazing Islandstar
Commission: Christianonfire7 by bumblezee by bumblezee
Comm: This Star's on Fire by Inemiset by Inemiset

2013 Glory Be project


:bulletblue: 2013 Goal 365 pieces.
:bulletgreen: Completed: 72
:bulletyellow: To do: 294

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