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'There was a time,
when fireflies knew
what my heart would say
and when my feet would dance.

There was a time,
when the night
was my golden shield,
and the stars shown
along my endless path.

There was a time,
when singing crickets
resounded their timeless
melodies across the

There was a time,
when you were here
a mere breath separated us,
and when your arms could
shelter me.

There was a time,
when my heart was full,
and my soul could wish for
nothing more than your love.

Now... now the time is gone
the fireflies sleep
and the stars don't shine,
the crickets don't sing,
and I'm cold without your

But... there was a time....'
There was a time

I haven't posted any poems in a REALLY long time so I dug deep the other night and wrote this.

| All rights belong to me. |
Gandy Pack by Christianonfire7
Gandy Pack
My babies, Gideon (6 years old), Esther (1 and a half) (German shepherd dog mixes), Peace (14 year old, orange & white tabby tom), Knight (1 year old black and white tom), and Star (11 and a half year old Angora mix female).

I love these five God given creatures with everything I am. They are my life, and they bring so much laughter, love and joy into my life. :heart:

Thanks to :iconislandstar: for the edits of this photo!

| Rights belong to me! |


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Tank For Christ (Exotica)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Arshavir by InemisetAmaya by Inemiset

About me:

I am a third generation Austinite on my mother's side.
A seventh generation Texan from my mother's side.
And a fifth/sixth generation Texan from my father's side.
So I'm a born and raised Austin Texan chick.
Take that y'all. ;)

My Photography account :icondrigerphotography:

What I stand for you ask?
I am
:bulletgreen: Pro-life… :thumb292250045:
:bulletgreen: Pro-adoption
:bulletgreen: Pro-power of Christ's love.
:bulletgreen: Pro-forgiveness
:bulletgreen: Pro- following in Jesus steps.
:bulletgreen: Most important, don't misunderstand me for being religious, because I'm not 'religious' I have a 'relationship' with the Creator of Heaven and earth. It has nothing to do with religious views. It has everything to do with knowing Him, loving Him, and being known by Him.
Sharing His love with others. Misunderstand that and you misunderstand me.
Any questions ask away, I won't bite.

My best and most dearest friends consist of
(My bestie)
(My cyber-pop)
(My Surreal Express)

Friends worth calling friends.
:iconinemiset::icond-murasai::iconhillbillygirl::iconrattatit: :iconguineapigdan:

Wanna read a bit more about my coming to dA and my art?
Here's a short interview I was honored to be apart of by 3wyl

Or are you interested in what others think about my art? Well than check out namenotrequired's News Article about my poetry

Review from :iconbetwixtthepages:
'Christianonfire7 is a lovely, kind hearted deviant with strong beliefs and a gallery filled with heart. Her poetry is beautiful and will bring the poet in you to the forefront; her photography is inventive and often catches a glimpse into a different world, a world we aren't all privy to. If one thing in her gallery doesn't inspire and awe you, keep looking--you're bound to find a reason to add Christianonfire7 to your watch list.'
-Written for her Review Competition features.'

DLD's I've gotten.

8-24-2010 DLD feature
The day dusk did not sleep
The day dusk did not sleep.
You stepped into my life when those bullies haunted me,
you stood in front of me and clenched your fist.
Told them to back off and leave me alone,
they feared you, so they obeyed your warning.
Once they were gone you turned to me,
took my hand and helped me up.
Then looked into my eyes,
and captured me with your smile.
That was the day the mountains shook,
the day when the oceans went silent.
When time stood still for the very first time.
When the colors in the sky didn't change from that golden ray,
painted with those pinks and purples.
It was the day dusk did not sleep.
You slide your hand in mine,
made it clear for the whole world to see.
That I was yours and you were mine.
And when I started to doubt the motion,
you simply leaned closer and kissed my cheek,
and whispered in my ear.
"I love you."
That was the day the mountains shook,
the day when the oceans went silent.
When time stood still for the very first time.
When the colors in the sky didn't change from that golden ray,

12-27-2012 DLD Feature

'Human Trafficking'

Mature Content

Pay it forward features by lacoterie

Pay it forward February 1st 2013 My sinI bow at His Throne,
And praise how I love Him so.
I write poetry to infuse words so divine
To show Him that I mean each line.
I rage about sin in a holy confession…
Tick…tock…tick tock…
But my confession is this,
I'm the sinner needing Salvation.
I down talk the other sins,
But mine is the biggest.
For it consumes my very being.
Tick tock…tick tock…
'I love him.' I try to tell God,
Like that would make Him understand.
That He can bypass me and my shame.
I'm fooling only the naïve part of me.
So I roll up this newspaper, pretend…
Pretend like the headlines don't matter.
But its screaming out on the page.
Tick tock…. Tick tock…
I'm a sinner with only One Way out.
I'm an adulterer with only One Way out.
I'm a liar with only One Way out.
I'm a failure with only One Way out.
I'm dead with only One Way to Live.
Christ died on the cross for me,
Bought every single lie I believe.
He was nailed to that wood for my sin.
The whips He endured for

Pay it forward March 4th 2013 These wordsI spit bullets and speak daggers.
Your emotionless shields are your only defense,
against these words that kill like a disease.

Video of Gideon and me.


Sixwordstory commissions
Sixwordstory-your choice of topic.
A sad tell.Sobs broke free
'...Put her down.'
This is a special feature for the winners of the 'Awareness of the arts, Visualize our dreams' contest.
So without further ado, here they are.

First place goes to

JoaRosa and roseshaveThornes for this collaborated pieces.
These two artists brought to life a glimpse into several ideas of what dreams could appear to be for different people. Maybe for each of us everything is truly possible?

A Vision Of Dreams by JoaRosa

Second place goes to:

WDWParksGal and inknalcohol for this beautifully collaborated pieces.
The visual to me is absolutely beautiful. It paints the image of the true essence of what dreams should look like, full of hope and vigor, life and truth. It leaves with me the taste that we should all believe in this idea of something more beautiful and whole. Something we need to protect. I also love how peaceful it is to gaze at this piece. 

The Dream of Returning Home by WDWParksGal
The Dream of Returning Home
Clay carefully tucked the silver necklace and St Jude medal under his shirt. It'd fallen out when Luke landed a nice right cross and nearly put Clay on the ground. But he'd recovered quicker than Luke ever thought he would and capitalized on the surprise with an upper cut that left Luke laid out. It took three of their crew to carry him to the medical bay. Clay had walked and patiently waited to be attended to for his injuries.
He'd only had a moment to glance out the window and see the small dot of light that was his home before Crash was sitting down in front of him and asking why he'd picked another fight. “I was bored.”
“Most people have hobbies for when they're bored.” Crash pulled a fresh kit out and opened the package so he could clean the open wounds on Clay's face.
“Fighting is my hobby.” Clay smirked at the look Crash gave him. “What?”
“Sometimes, I don't think you'll ever learn.

Third place goes to:

sugar-hype99 and C1nderellaMan for their collaborated pieces,
All I can really say is that the poem really fits the visual. 

Genises II by sugar-hype99
Genises IIMy routine was infested,
my foreseen was arrested,
my children, they attested,
my mentality's decline.
My up time filled with drab,
my down time filled with flab,
my wind chime hailed a cab,
and sipped on too much wine.
Exhausted from the week,
some relaxation seek,
lulled to a fitful sleep,
by telly's fickle glow.
I dreamed my mind was filled
with psychedelic pills
that swirled and sapped my will
and drained my mindful flow.
I dreamed my swollen head,
a pitcher full instead;
tipped to the side it bled
and spilled onto the floor.
The liquid seeped and spawned,
distilled a thoughtful pond,
a magic cleansing balm,
that soothed into my pores.
Much later I awoke,
my stressful fever broke,
my daughter gave a poke,
concern was in her eyes.
I sat straight up alert,
I gasped and then I blurt!
The carpet was a spurt
of multi-colored dyes!

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